Action Compost Box

1) Action Compost Box

1.1) The action is to put a compost box in the lobby of IES or outside in the courtyard (depending on whether or not food is allowed in IES next semester). People can put their food scraps and other compostable trash into the box, the worms inside will turn it into nutrient rich soil, and that soil can be used to fertilize the terrace garden.

1.2) This will put the concept of “cradle to cradle” into action. Instead of throwing out food scraps into the garbage, we can recycle it and use it for soil. Not only are we reducing the amount of trash produced, but we are also saving money and resources by using our food trash to fertilize the terrace garden. Instead of spending money buying soil from a store where it could've been shipped from far away, probably is kept in plastic packaging, etc. we are reducing our costs as well as our ecological footprint. We are producing the things we need to use, and this self-sufficiency is a very sustainable method for fertilizing our garden which will, in turn, grow fruit that will be eaten and thrown back into the compost, and the cycle repeats.

1.3) All that needs to be done is purchasing or building the compost box, and getting the worms. This can be very inexpensive, and if the box is built by IES students it will be even cheaper. The IES council has agreed to give money towards the terrace garden, so an amount will be set aside for the compost box and worms since that will produce fertilizer that is necessary for the garden. IES will have to discuss a location for the compost box, but hopefully they will place it in the lobby where people are getting rid of their trash.

1.4) How to Make Your Own Worm Compost System – wikihow.com/Make-Your-Own-Worm-Compost-System;
Cheap and Easy Worm Bin – whatcom.wsu.edu/ag/compost/easywormbin.htm;
Compost boxes can be purchased from a number of websites at various prices, including – amazon.com, mastergardening.com, or a hardware or gardening store.

1.5) I worked on this project by myself, however, Michael Trejo is working on the Terrace Garden so we discussed how to use the compost box for the soil in the garden. The compost box action, the terrace garden action and the water collection action all go hand in hand, so we have discussed how to make everything work together and use portions of the same budget.

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