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Barcelona Tap Water Education locked

Barcelona Tap Water Education

1. What

This action is to educate students about the safety of the tap water in Barcelona, and to encourage them to use reusable water bottles. Using reusable water bottles conserves natural resources and reduces waste. Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and that plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce.

2. Why

2.1. Potential Benefits

The potential benefit of this action is make students aware that the tap water in Barcelona is safe to drink and encourage them to bring or purchase reusable water bottles rather than plastic water bottles. The reduction in waste is also beneficial in reducing landfill use. While the plastic used to bottle beverages such as water is of high quality and demand by recyclers, over 80 percent of plastic bottles are simply thrown away. As much as 40 percent of bottled water comes from the tap. Producing plastic bottles uses energy and emits toxic chemicals. Transporting the bottled water spews pollution into the air, adding to global climate change.

2.2. Potential Costs

The potential cost of this action includes the paper and ink to copy the flier. 500 sheets of paper costs about $9 ($0.018 per sheet) and a case of 5,000 sheets of paper costs about $60 ($0.012 per sheet). IES buys paper in bulk and by the case so the cost per sheet of paper would be comparable if not less that $0.012 per sheet of paper. Black ink for copiers is about $43.00 a cartridge and yields up 1,100 pages.

There are usually around 350-500 students each semester at IES Barcelona, so the cost per semester would be about $47.20-$49.00 for an ink cartridge and 350-500 sheets of paper.

3. How

1. Get action approved by Student Council
2. Research benefits of reusable water bottles and tap water
3. Design flier on tap water and reusable bottles
5. Have flier included in students Welcome Packet
The women from IES who I am supposed to give the flier to has been out of the office all week. I will deliver the flier to her on Monday April 19th so that she can include it in the information for new students.

Please go to the Files Gallery to get the high quality file of the flier, it is saved as a pdf under the name Barcelona Tap Water Flier. A lower resolution image from the flier is shown here inline for the convenience of readers:

4. Reference Links


5. Project Participants:

  1. Eloise Smith- Leader
  2. Matt Onorato- helped with potential cost research
  3. Gina Puls- helped with research and presented the action to Student Council

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3344434agcassaraI think that this is a good idea to promote to individuals how the water is safe to drink in Barcelona so that way they don´t buy as much bottled water.
4455555avitullowell thought out, flier looks great.
4444434bariThis is a great idea to inform people the tap water is safe. I don´t think many people know that.
4454444bbrodetteThis would have been really helpful, I have heard so many differing things about the tap water in Barcelona.
5455555christ9Sounds like a good idea. Maybe an electronic copy instead of using a ton of paper in the welcome packets would be a good idea too.
3355555CVilmarI think it is very important to let the students know that the drinking water is safe here. Great report.
3354334jzip89Great idea. I think people are scared of the tap water here for no reason.
3344334KarleyChismIts a really great idea to make students aware of the fact that they can drink tap water here in Barcelona, reducing water bottle use, etc. (as you´ve stated). However, I really have not heard anyone say that they are afraid of drinking the tap water here.
4443443katelandauGreat idea. I live in independent housing and it took me almost a month to realize that I could drink the tap water. It would have been nice to know that so I didn´t have to buy packs of water bottles.
3354544KobeBryantKlugmanGreat Idea! I have begun doing this already because the tap water in Spain is fine. Encouraging students to enact this is a very practical idea.
2133344lacykellyI think this is a good idea. we over use bottled water a lot and we need to change that!
5554555lesemannirThis is such a simple concept. It is so important for those upon arrival to know the proper procedure. It took me nearly one month to get the hang of it. Great idea and job!!!
5554555lesemannirThis is so important. The tap water here is fine...yet the amount of bottled water consumed is outrageous. There seems to be some sort of epidemic of bottled water. Good idea!
4455545matthewonoratoThis allows the truth to be out about tap water, hopefully reducing the amount of plastic water bottles purchased by IES students. This is very useful information.
3355344mtrejoCertainly a good concept, though simply encouraging students to use reusable water bottles, especially in such a highly ignored document as the welcome packet, will have only so much impact I feel.
4453434rwaingorGood idea, hopefully this will encourage students to buy less bottled water. Maybe you could provide info on where to find refillable water bottles?
4445554sarahaplylerAny means to not have to purchase plastic water bottles is a great idea, and encouraging students to drink the tap water in their homestays or appartments can cut down on this waste. However, I don't think you need as many fliers as you planned for.
4454455sdothageGood idea! Fliers are a cheap and easy way to spread knowledge of sustainability.
4454544sgoldThis is a really good idea. It will make people consider and alter their current water-drinking habits.
4343544TylerBen-AmotzDefinitely a good idea, Barcelona needs to utilize the tap water and stop wasting money and resources on bottled water

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