Brainstorming Kury (HIJACKED BY JOE)

This is my individual brainstorm!!!!

I want to do either recycling or a clothing swap. I am definetely leaning towards the clothing swap because of ease to accomplish, and selfish gain haha. I plan to work with some of the other students on the clothing swap.

We also might need to be more flexible with our implentation to increase turnout.

Also this is Kurt Nugent

This website is pretty inefficient, our group mainly uses email for communication.


For my brainstorm, orignally i wanted to find a way to get people to reuse their own clothes and refashion them, through organic tie dye, or upcycle the fabrics from old clothes. When i saw the clothing swap, i figured "WHY THE HECK NOT!!" this is a good chance to offer people an alternative to purchasing new clothing from large department stores. I figured that if everyone brings in one article of clothing that they don't like very much, everyone would be able to choose from a wide variety of lightly used clothes. I understand that a limitation is that people only packed clothes for barcelona that they were certainly going to wear.

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