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I would be really interested in continuing the theme of recycling for our new action. I think the swag swap went over so well, we even have some left over clothes to donate because of how enthusiastic some people were about it. I had noticed that I had not been using any recycling bins while at IES but until Mallory brought it up i didnt realize that that is because THERE ARE NO RECYCLING BINS AT IES. This seems like a fairly simple way to reduce the amount of waste we put in landfills and whatnot. The first thing that comes up as a potential problem would be cost of the bins. I haven't done any research on cost of recycling bins but I can't see it being that great espically considering the size of IES. In high school the Green Team I was on funded a recycling problem at our school without too much difficulty and that 4 times the student population of IES plus tons of teachers offices and administrative areas needing recycling as well. While I think IES should be happy to fund this project I dont think it would be take too long to collect the money through donations or a bake sale. We could start collecting money now to make it easier for the kids who eventually implement this action.

Another thing we would have to do is make sure whoever is in chagre of taking out the garbage/ recycling is on board with this and would actually put the recyclables in the bins where they belong.



These prices seem reasonable, since IES is so small and people generally dont have a ton of waste we probably would not need huge bins, but I do think it's important to have enough bins that it is more convienent to recycle than throw it in the garbage.

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