Courses / Ben Breiner Brainstorming

Develop a system that will enable abroad students to leave behind unnecessary items that future abroad students may need.

  • Books
  • City Maps
  • Metro maps
  • Unused notebooks
  • Unused writing utensils
  • Spanish phones (all they need to do is buy a simcard here)
  • European computer adapters
  • Cell phone adapters
  • Trip itineraries
  • List of best places to eat
  • List of countries to visit
  • Spring break plans

It would be most beneficial to have multiple boxes labeled for different types of donations. For example, there could be a box for school supplies, a box for electronics/adapters, a box for city maps, and a box for traveling/spring break information. This way new students won't have to buy everything they need and old students won't throw out these unneeded items upon their return home.

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