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A possible new action could be to place a donation collection box somewhere in the IES building. This donation box would be available for donations year round and the donations would be used to increase the sustainability of IES as a whole. Once enough money is collected to complete one goal it will be used to pay for the implementation of necessary materials.

For example, some potential goals could be:

-Change lightbulbs to higher-efficiency ones
-Develop outdoor composting area
-Plant herbs/spices and other plants for use by both IES students and staff

Another possible new action could be to implement paper saving techniques in the IES building. Techniques to save paper include:

-using computers as often as possible to receive and submit assignments
-use computers to take notes
-have all teachers utilize websites such as moodle more often instead of using paper for handouts
-use free paper saving software
-ask for paper donations from people who have excess
-buy recycled paper only
-use whiteboards/personal whiteboards instead of notebooks for excercises
-establish IES-wide recycling policy

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