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Here are some of the ideas I liked for implementing a sustainable project:

1.) I thought that the sustainable lifestyle webpage was a good idea. I think that having something like this for new students would be a great way to introduce them to Barcelona. Creating a webpage like this is something that would be easy to share with every student coming into IES, it is easily accessible. I like the idea of having a different student in IES add onto it every semester, so this way the information will stay current.

2.) The second idea that I liked was to have a sustainable orientation where students are taught from the beginning how to be more sustainable in Barcelona. I know we are all told to be careful how much water and electricity we use, but we can teach so much more then that. Also, the idea of having students sign a pledge and then receiving a reusable water bottle is a great idea. Buying water bottles in Barcelona every day gets to be expensive and adds up, it would be so much better if each student started off with a reusable one, rather then spending money on plastic water bottles only to throw them out at the end of each day.

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