Courses / Cell Phone Recycle - P Sholley, S Sousa, J Harrison, S Sagramoso

Cell Phone Recycling Program Implementation Brainstorm

Julia -
We were thinking of creating a system where IES can recycle and reuse the mobile phones that students use each semester. So that students can save money by borrowing a phone IES leases out from past students. Also IES can make a profit out of it. And in the end the environment is a little better because student arent constantly buying and throwing away cellphone/products.

Sebastian -

The phone reusing system would be the simplest way to avoid waste and demand for new products. Reusing items and products is the simplest way to be more sustainable. This system not only saves money for students, but creates money for the school, and eliminates waste from this production cycle. It also ends most demand by students for new phones every semester. The system, if successful, would have a net zero impact. No waste, no new product. Essentially, completely sustainable.

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