Courses / Group Brainstorming Neta, Raleigh, Julia

We want to continue sustainable education in IES and we believe the most effective method is a short video that the students will produce and show to all IES students. They can use information that we have already collected and posted on the website.

I like this idea and I think there is a lot of potential for future students to make this product their own and tailor it more closely to the needs and interests of their fellow classmates. I think we should leave the future students plenty of room to customize this project and make it their own. -Raleigh

This idea is great for our main goal of spreading awareness about being sustainable. Every idea about calling for change or changing the way I have looked at the world, was a time when I was at a seminar or watched movie about something important and it changed me! For example, I needed to watch a movie called Take Back The Tap. It was a documentary about how people should start drinking tap water instead of buying bottles of water. It also proved how in most cases the tap water was healthier than bottled water. Anyway this video changed the way I thought about drinking from bottled water. Therefore, the goal here is to hope that the video that students produce will also sway other students to be more considerate of the planet and take steps to become more sustainable. - Julia

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