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BrainStorm Ideas

Past projects that I found interest in:
- Creating a Garden at IES
- Tomato Growing 101
- Organic Student Garden
- Barcelona Composting
- Composting Barcelona
- Action Compost Box

I think it would be cool to make a worm compost/ vegetable garden, a miniture sized container for each of these outside Student IES Apartment balconies. Also in the vegetable garden, grow food, not herbs.
I saw in other projects that they wanted to grow herbs like lavender, rosemary, etc., but I feel that growing food would be more valuable.

I also feel that the Cell Phone Recycle Program was also a good project.

With as many students that come and go in the program, it would be an excellent idea to lease out/ recycle the phones that students use each semester. Not only that but IES could make a profit out of it and then fund something else that can be sustainable for the program.

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