Courses / Leah Mothersbaugh: Brainstorming

A) I would love to create a sustainable garden on the IES Terrace. I've grown up in rural Pennsylvania where there are lots of farms, CSA, farmer's markets, etc. My family has always been a big supporter of eating local and organic, and I grew up with a vegetable garden, herb garden, flower garden, orchard, etc. I've taken a few horticulture classes in college, and would love to learn more about sustainable gardening. Although I think it would be nice to plant vegetables on the terrace, there is limited space and a cement ground. For this reason, I think it would be a better idea to stick with something simple like a herb garden for the project. Ideally, these herbs could then be given (or sold, for a small price) to IES staff or students, or used to create a food product (like tea, or salad, etc.).

B-) Another idea would be to make signs reminding IES students and faculty to take environmentally friendly initiatives, like turning off the lights in the bathroom, or turning off computers in between student use.

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