Courses / Maggie Fixler

For my midterm project, I am interested in exploring one of two projects from previous semesters. The first would improve sustainability around IES through its use of biodegradable writing utensils, as opposed to individually-purchased pens and pencils. This type of action is all-encompassing and would force every student to change their habits slightly for a more efficient future at IES.
Second, I am interested in implementing an organic garden at IES. Here, students could plant their own vegetables and herbs for their cooking uses. Unfortunately, the growing seasons for many of these species may not coincide with our semester abroad, and certain plants may not yield their intended produce in time. Thus, I would propose an ongoing garden, which students would plant vegetables and other plants that have longer growing seasons and are more resilient to climatic variability. Since herbs can survive with minimal care, perhaps such an organic garden would be most useful for this purpose.

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