Courses / Mallory Grimm's Peer Feedback: Correct Sustainable Living

The idea of Sustainable Education as a part of living abroad is very important, and relevant to the European lifestyle. Centralizing information that is applicable to life in Barcelona, as well as advocating sustainability through the "Welcome Kit" of a bag and water bottle is a great start to inspiring sustainable living in IES students. I believe that, in tandem with the video being made by Neta, Raleigh and Julia, this would be a great start to a Sustainability Orientation at the beginning of each IES semester. Another good idea is the Notebook Collection! That, as well as cell phone recycling are great campaigns to start. Maybe adding a clothing or food drive at the end of the semester with remaining unwanted items from students would be beneficial as well. This is a cheap action with repercussive results, and would inspire students to go further in order to live sustainably. I believe plastic water bottles are a big issue both in IES and Spain in general, and limiting the IES footprint in this way is a great start! The free water bottle / bag are incentives to reuse, and a great introduction into the possibility of a complete Sustainability orientation.
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