Courses / Mallory Grimm's Peer Feedback: Sustainable Education

This is an amazing idea! I think showing a video, or making sustainability a key part of IES orientation is very important, and an effective idea. From shopping in the markets, recycling on the streets, public transportation and saving water / electricity, there is a lot to cover. All facets of sustainability are important in European culture, and more prominent here than in the United States. People take shorter showers, don't use air conditioning, use public transporation, eat locally etc. This is one of the best parts of European culture from an environmental standpoint, and it is important that students immerse themselves by acclimating to the European way of life. Living in an apartment with other girls, I have experienced how much room there is for growth in this sector of education. As an environmental science student, I am well aware of many of these lifestyle changes that are simple yet make a big difference in making life more sustainable. For everyone to learn that, while being abroad would be beneficial both for the environment and the students. Implementing Sustainability education into the orientation is the perfect time to do this. With an engaging video, accurate and understandable information, I think this action will be perfect.
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