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For the second part of this project, I would like to design an action having to do with the transportation system for students at IES. I think it would be helpful if we had better access to the bike rental program here, as well as some of the other more sustainable methods of transport. Personally, when I first arrived in Barcelona, I did not know how to navigate the city very well and feel as if I relied on taxis too much. The night bus system is great, but takes some knowledge and the patience to figure out which stops are necessary to get from point A to point B. Thus, my idea would be to create a guide for the IES student, detailing which modes of transport (besides walking) would work for each time of day. The guide would include specialized information for each neighborhood in Barcelona, so that each student could gain something from reading it and trying to implement the suggestions. This guide would be given out at orientation, so that new students have a head start on the transportation system here.
-Maggie Fixler

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