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Phone Reusing Program

Every semester abroad, students are required, both by their parents and the school, to purchase a cell phone to use during their time here in Barcelona. Most, if not all of the time, these phones are in almost-new condition by the end of the semester. Students probably end up throwing them out, or taking them home and leaving them somewhere where they will never be used again. Our sustainability plan of action would be a phone-recycling system where students could return their temporary phones at the end of the semester, and allow these to be passed on to students in upcoming semesters. Students could choose to donate their phones to this service, or receive a nominal fee for it. On the other hand, students choosing to use these phones in upcoming abroad semesters would pay a fee equal to near 50% of the cost of the same phone in stores. This would provide incentive to take part in the recycling program, as well as raise funds to create new sustainability initiatives in IES. This phone recycling program would save students money, raise funds for more eco-friendly actions, and most importantly reduce the demand for raw-material-consuming smart phones.

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