Day of Service Barcelona

1. Day of Service

1.1. What

My continued action includes implementing an IES day of service. At some point in the semester students will be given the opportunity to attend a day of service at various sites throughout Barcelona where they will be given the chance to make our environment more sustainable. One option is Woofer Day of Service where students volunteer at an organic farm for the day. This action will ultimately help to teach students about sustainable living and give them a chance to participate themselves in hands-on sustainable activities. Another organization I have tried to contact is Permaculture. This is another options of a Day of Service that students can attend and volunteer to learn and participate in sustainable living.

1.2. Why this action makes things more sustainable?

1. Change in attitude: It is important that students take the next steps to volunteer. This action will raise awareness to students and give them the opportunity to actually take part in sustaining our environment rather than just say they are willing recycle or conserve paper. Other than transportation, this action will cost no money to students and in addition they will earn EcoEuros.

2. Long term effects: students in future semesters can participate in A Day of Service and this action will offer a connection to students and the community. Both of these are organic farms help create a more sustainable enrivonrment because they do not use pesticides which are harmful to our environment and the health of those that consume the produce grown on the farms.

3. Creates community: IES students can feel as though they have given back to Barcelona.

1.2.1. SWOT Analysis

Strengths:increase student awareness and knowledge about environmental issues, give students the chance to be proactive, it will give IES students a good reputation, give IES students a feeling of satisfaction, it will make IES students feel they have given something back to Barcelona, this could create further connection between environmental organizations and IES students, students will travel to locations throughout Barcelona they may not have been, will raise awareness that could possibly show students how to improve and make their own lifestyle more sustainable

Weaknesses: students and staff will need to be committed to spending a full day, providing transportation, legal issues (insurance)

Opportunity: become connected with Barcelona, provide good reputation for IES students, satisfaction, creates connections, travel opportunities, provides food for own consumption and in exchange for eco euros.

Threats: no further individual sustainable implementations will come out if it, people are lazy, people travel on weekends when these days of service are usually held.

1.2.2. Feedback loops

Attending a day of service allows gives students the satisfaction of giving back to their environment, while students also compensate with fresh produce and ecoeuros which also brings satisfaction.

Attending a day of service spreads knowledge to students which will in turn encourage them to live more sustainably and inspire others to do the same.

1.2.3. Potential Benefits

As mentioned above, benefits include: raising awareness, allowing students to become proactive, allows students to give something back to Barcelona and feel satisfied with the work they have completed, could create future connections with programs and organizations, maybe other students from other schools will join, allows students to travel places they most likely haven’t been, gives students the opportunity to make changes in their own lifestyles

1.2.4. Potential Costs

Money for transportation is a risk that may cost the whole day in general to not work, time is a risk that costs students because they might not have time to spend a weekend on a farm and students may not be willing or able to spend an entire day, another risk could be that students might not get anything out of the experience which creates a cost of students not continuing sustainable living after working on the farm, and students travel on weekends so this could cause a few number of participants.

1.3. How

So far, IES has implemented the Woofer Day of Service. There are two days throughout the semester where students attend an organic farm. In addition to receiving 35 EcoEuros they will also donating half the produce to the sustainability club to be used as an incentive for other actions handled by the sustainability club. In order to implement another day of service it needs to be scheduled on the IES calendar before the semester begins and sign up sheets need to be made easily accessible to students. I have contacted Permaculture by email but have yet to hear back. In addition I went to IES and received an updated calendar for next semester. One open weekend includes October 15-16th and another could be November 5-6th. Once I hear back from Permaculture I will suggest both of these dates and see if one works for them.

1.3.1. "Cradle to Cradle" design

A day of service is an easy way to give back to your community and help sustain our environment. The only resource required is time and possibly a small amount of money for transportation. If students are willing, whether a day spent on an organic farm, at a soup kitchen, or picking up trash, a day of service is important for helping to raise awareness about environmental issues, and ultimately contributes to sustainable living.

1.3.2. Questions for the unified survey

If given the chance, would you participate in a day of service at an Organic farm in return for a bag of fresh produce you could share with your roommates or home stay family?

I was unaware that half the produce went to Sustainability club so this question should be changed for future actions.

1.3.3. Analysis of the results in the survey

Question 1: 50% yes, 40% no, 10% maybe

For some students it is hard to dedicate a full day to participate in a day of service. For some it interferes with traveling plans, friends visiting, work, etc. However, I think those who have a positive attitude and who are willing and inspired to give back to our environment will attend.

1.3.4. Incentives

Incentives for the Woofer day of service include a basket of fresh produce and 35 EcoEuros. Other possible incentives for other Day's of Service may include gift cards to stores or restaurants throughout Barcelona. This requires money to be funded. Maybe the sustainability club could raise money in order to purchase gift cards and use them as an incentive for students to attend days of service.

1.3.5. Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

You must be a part of the sustainability club to participate in Woofer Day of Service. I think it's important for members who attend other possible days of service to be a part of the Sustainability Club in order to show their efforts and appreciation towards a sustainable environment.

1.3.6. How will this action be sustained when you are not here?

This action will be continued through the Sustainability club. If I can organize a weekend with Permaculture I will send the information to the IES club and the IES administration who will put it on the calendar as an optional field trip for next fall. I think IES should also fund a bus to take as many students that would like to go. This is for a good cause and I think more students would attend if they could go with a bunch of their friends rather than just attend with 2 or 3 other people. The Day of Service also needs to be advertised in a way that students become aware when and what it is and in a way that will encourage students to sign up.

1.3.7. Document format

The document format for my action page is html

Attribution BY-SA: I would choose this copyright license because it protects that the next person changes the lisence of their modified version of my document. I would choose this license because it allows others to copy, distribute, tweak and build upon my work, as long as they give me credit for my original work and again, change the lisence of their modified version of my document. I would pick this license so that others could view my work and gain information on the benefits of participating in a Day of Service. This will allow others to pass along information and hopefully inspire people to become aware and be proactive.

1.4. Time-sheet / Chronogram

January: students will choose which Day of Service they would like to participate in and choose a date that works for them. A sign up sheet will appear at both the welcome party and on the bulletin boards outside the offices.
February-May: students will attend their Day of Service on the appropriate day. In addition, during the remainder of the months spent in Barcelona students will influence others to join and research other possible Day’s of Service throughout the city. They will also implement the knowledge gained on their Day of Service in their daily life to continuing contributing to a sustainable environment.

WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, 2011, http://www.wwoof.org/

Advantages and Disadvantages Organic Farming: Good Things, Barriers and Environmental Effects, 2010 http://www.small-farm-permaculture-and-sustainable-living.com/advantages_and_disadvantages_organic_farming.html

1.6. Students involved in this action

I participated in continuing this action on my own.

 Assignment 4: Peer review form

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Items found: 18
Grade per actionReviewerComments
93 agluskerI really like this idea and I think it would really benefit and reflect well on IES. You could involve the sustainability club more by asking them to provide various sites or locations that could be available to students on this day. I think the day of service is a great way for students to get something from their experience in Barcelona as well as give back to the community in a positive manner. Although it does not provide a sustainable development to one particular area, it provides an outlet for students to get involved all over the city and help reduce waste in some way.
89 Brian McNevinI think the day of service is a great idea. It's a relatively easy way for students to get involved in improving the sustainability of IES and making Barcelona a better place to live. It's also a great way to meet knew people as you do not necessarily have to do this as a class. However, one thing that I perhaps would add would be to give teachers the option of making it a field study in place of a class, if they are opposed to letting students "skip" a class.
91 carlafNot only is this continued action a great idea for improving the sustainability in IES, it would definitely also unify the community as well. A "skip" day alone would definitely motivate me to get involved not to mention all the environmental benefits that come along as well. Encouraging students to either invest in fresh produce from local farmers or to grow the produce themselves are both equally beneficial ideas. However, finding a large enough group of students who are willing to dedicate the time required into this might be difficult.
93 CFaheyI think this is a great action and wanted to participate in it but the one weakness that detered me from going was the limited number of days offered. Also they were on weekends when I was not in town but if there were other options such as a half day of service offered on a weekday I may have participated. I like the incentive of fresh organic produce in order to take part in a sustainable action. Good job.
89 Drew.peroI think the day of service is a great idea. I agree with Brian about giving the teachers the option of making it a field study in place of a class, if they are opposed to letting students "skip" a class.
80 gnardiThis continued action is appealing because it is a hands on way to get involved. It is outside, which automatically makes it more interesting. Also, like Brian said, it is a very good way to meet people. My one question is for future years would the WOOFER day of service be at the same place? Or would there be different places? Maybe eventually there could be two different WOOFER Days a semester.
89 jschayeI really like this idea. I think it would be a fun way for students to get together and do something really great that would last as well as add to their study abroad experience. I think to add to this to encourage students to go to this would be to record these days by taking pictures of the students and then put them up in IES to encourage current and future students to participate.
91 Julia NuttI think that this is a really good idea but I know in my case I really wanted to do this but had already planned trips on the days that they offered it. It would be a lot more helpful if students were informed about this well in advance so that they will not plan to be out of town. It also might be more appealing to students if it was offered one day during the week when they were excused from classes so that if they wanted to leave on the weekends they could but were still able to have to opportunity to participate in this. I don't think students were informed enough about this which is why not as many students participated. I do think that it is really good idea and would be a great learning experience if more students were informed.
90 Kmacdonald4After participating in the first Wwoofer day of service I can say that this is a great experience and would highly recommend it to all students. I think another reinforcing loop I experience first hand could be the more students participate and interact with locals at the farms, the better the relationship between IES studnets and locals will be. And the better the relationship/the more connected students feel to local, the more they will want to interact. I think the hardest part of this project (for me at least) is that it is not something that can be shared or made available to all students because of limited space on the trips but I think the students that do go will find it very worthwhile.
84 m.bernsteinthis idea is a create way to give back to the community. My only recommendation for you would be to add in the concept of LOIS vs. TINA. The incentive to maybe get a free skip is awesome. You should survey teachers and see if they would allow that because im sure students would participate more if they could miss class and get some free food.
88 MarthaMayI love the idea of a day of service and your innovative twist of allowing students to skip class would interest a LOT of students. If you could get IES to approve that you will be extremely successful. This action also incorporate our community which can be beneficial for the future of IES as well as for future actions!
94 MbowermanI think this is a great idea. It sounds like people had a really great experience working at the woofer day of service and having something were IES students are giving back to the community and the environment would be great. I think it would also be great to send a message to the community that we care about giving back to Barcelona and not just partying.
61 obiajuluThis is a great idea and I think that it's great that your continuing it. I think the incentive for skipping a day of classes would be awesome; is ies ok with that ?
92 seantubridyI think the Woofer day of service is a great idea to teach students about organic farming and other was to help the community. I don't know if many teachers would be okay with allowing students a skip day. It seems they are not really flexible when it comes to that type of stuff. Also, in addition to sign up sheets, there needs to be advertising to show what goes on at the day of service and to spread the message quickly throughout the IES community
96 SolomonBPDoing the Wwoofer day of service should be great, hopefully you enjoy it. Showing future IES students what takes place on this day of service, through posters with pictures and what not will be good for promoting participating in future semesters. I think a lot of students would enjoy it. Doing it during the week as a field trip would be great too. Maybe students who earn a certain number of eco-euros, can use them to go on the field trip and miss a day of classes without counting as an absence, which would be good incentive for many students.
87 steph.eastlakeI think continuing the day of service is important for IES so this is a great continued action. I also really liked the idea of adding extra incentives such as a day off from class and gift cards. I think its very hard to get students to find this day meaningful so its good to lure them in with more incentives. I think that something that can be added to this action is just more advertisement and awareness of the day. I think that if students were more informed about the incentives offered, they may be more inclined to volunteer for this day of service.
78 vsienkieI love the woofer day of students but I think alot more students would be interested in participating if more information was made available about it. Maybe you could put up posters around IES to let students know about the woofer day of service.
90 vydraThis day of service would be very beneficial to the community, and it would also teach students how to give back to the community for future knowledge. I'm afraid that it would interfere with students' travel schedules, but if the dates are planned early enough then it shouldn't be an issue.

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 2
1.4 Day of Service Barcelona (WWOOFer; Sarah Cole) Good Doing one of the featured actions The whole report, in general. Improvable (1.2) WWOOFer means organic farms. In which way this also means more sustainable activities and food, relationship with the land, etc... (include and expand in your report) 1.2.1. ** W: "may need to fund materials/tools as well ". Well, this is not the case right now. You could have asked to the class mates attending the farm where we went the first time, etc. Legal issues (and insurance) might be a weakness. O: Provides food! (many Kg per wwoofer): for own consumption and/or trading with others (in exchange of ecoeuros, for instance! and therefore linking with other actions by means of the ecoeuro incentive system) O: and use the ecoeuro system of incentives T: "Threats: students may treat the day as something they have to do...". Will anyone? it's not compulsory, so I wonder if that will be any threat at all. Those who attended in the first edition, I can tell you for sure that it hasn't been any issue at all. The key point is to keep that action voluntary, and announce it well in advanced (not like this year, when public announcements were very late). 1.2.2: "Attending a day of service allows students to get something in return and in addition the organization gets help in return. " The feedback loop is not clearly identified. Improve. 1.2.4. "students may not be willing or able to spend an entire day, students might not get anything out of the experience, students travel on weekends. " Those are not costs, but risks. State clearly that they are not as the title says "Costs" but risks, and introduce separatedly. There might be some costs if those risks end up happening in reality. But risks are risks, and the potential cost (if any) associated to the risk should be clearly identified. 1.3. "Other sites and projects need to be researched and contact with the organization needs to be made. ". Who will do that if not you? This action design seems weak in this aspect: it seems to say that other places need to be researched, but no results from that research are shown in the report. Please, improve this section. 1.3.2. "If given the chance, would you participate in a day of service at an Organic farm in return for a bag of fresh produce you could share with your roommates or home stay family? " In fact, the action designed for this semester included the condition that half the product obtained per person would be given to the sustainability club, so that it can be used as incentive for other actions handled by the sustainability club. It seems that you didn't continue with this design, but you didn't state clearly that you wanted to change the former design. Same is deduced from your section 1.3.4. 1.3.3. See general comments on the analysis of survey results. 1.3.4. "Other possible incentives for other Day's of Service may include gift cards to stores or restaurants throughout Barcelona". What is this? Please, provide more details: which stores or restaurants are willing to do this. And what is a "skip day": some extra day of no class without counting at the attendancy lists? Did you check whether IES administration would allow this type of "incentive"? (provided the case that some faculty are willing to do so... it's not the case of Xavier de Pedro, by the way). 1.3.6. "New possible sites may be researched and phone calls can be made to organizations. I think this is an action that has a lot of promise and maybe instead of limiting the amount of people able to attend, everyone who wants to go should be able to. " who will do this? that is supposed to be done (contacts) within the action design. And the reduced number of people attending this time is not by chance... but you seem to miss why that happened this time (and include it under the "weaknesses" section of the swot (of the current design) and find ways to solve the reason behind this weakness so that next semesters more people can attend per day, if that is your goal for some reason (not clearly stated why this is good, and not just more editions handled, with little people per day). You'll probably understand this more when you are able to attend one of those wwoof-type of days. Moreover, there is another threat you didn't consider, and it's important. If the sustainability club doesn't work as expected, like this year, when little information about their activities or meetings is shared (or doesn't work at all), then no one would coordinate with those places. Why not finding dates yourself for the next semester, suitable for students and for the organic farm. 1.3.8. Copyright license: "Attribution CC BY", this is less sustainable, because you are nor protecting that the next person changes the license of the modified version of your document. by-sa is better... find out more at the website from cc (link at teh "2011a General comments" section. 1.4. "January: students will choose which Day of Service they would like to participate in and choose a date that works for them." Be more specific. When in January? (welcome party, later, when, how, etc) "In addition, during the remainder of the months spent in Barcelona students will influence others to join and research other possible Day’s of Service throughout the city." How do you know that this will happen? Do some proof of concept with this semester... and report who did behave like you said... Otherwise, this is out of reality of feasible things to happen... (I wish I - Xavier de Pedro - was wrong). " They will also implement the knowledge gained on their Day of Service in their daily life to continuing contributing to a sustainable environment. " Ok, that's foreseable. But you could design some way to measure the "impact" of such action on the students lives... maybe it's much less than you thought? You can talk for yourself also after you attend one of the sessions. 1.5. References: just two simple links... Improve: provide details of those sources of information. And also provide information on the organic farm contacted this year, etc. You could add some picture to see what is the action like, or the farm like. There are some pictures at the sustainability club website already about it. Check the copyright license there to see whether it's compatible or not with yours. This action is partly repeated with the actions presented by other students: coordination was needed to avoid unnecessary duplication and overlapping of actions. See Wwoofer day of service march 19, At least, you both should have talked to avoid duplication and overlapping (the title of her page was clear about wwoofer day of service...).
Quote:Another organization I have tried to contact is Permaculture. That is not the name of the organization I gave you the contact details of, but "Mas Franch" ( http://www.masfranch.org ) This image you added at the end ( http://iesbarcelona.org/esso350/display173 ) seems to be an image that had been published at the sustainability club website; and that image seems that it was published under a cc-by-sa (see the sc website footer), which means that you had to give attribution to the author of the picture (that happens to be the professor of this course). I'm sorry to tell you that you did some copyright infringement (!) . I hope you don't have any issues in the future if you do the same in other documents "for real" (beyond this report for this course). I wish you had payed more attention in class. And a pity that you left your whole report for so late, so that you couldn't contact any place for your day of service idea/project. I tried to give you my own contact once I realized that you were so delayed, but it seems that it was not enough (as I told you, they had recently had a kid, so that they didn't answered email that frequently...). A pity also that you didn't involve in the wwoof activities frmo the sc earlier, either attending one or preparing another one, so that your design could have helped to do something for real. 2nd

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