G.Nardi Sustainability Video by the Students for the Students


My action is a short film made by IES students about about how to live green while abroad here in Barcelona.  Although the film will be directed mainly towards IES students, it will also be for the teachers and faculty as well.  Getting adjusted to living in a new country is hard enough on its own, but this film will have good tips and tricks on how to not just live here but how to live an environmentally friendly and sustainable life here.  I think that seeing a film made by students and not just hearing what you can do from your teachers and adults may encourage students to actually become more sustainable.  Also, the film includes some of the actions people in our class implemented this semester such as information about all the blogs that were made. The film is funny and interesting so as to keep the attention of viewers and also give them something to relate to.  The goal of the film is to teach students and people easy and quick ways to gradually become both subconsciously and consciously more green.  The film will ideally be played during Orientation, however the IES administrator I am in contact with, Betsey Tufano, is not exactly sure what will be able to be played at orientation until actual orientation comes around next year. However, she does plan on using the film as a marketing tool and sending it to future IES students as a means of encouraging students to come to Barcelona. She also is going to send it to the IES Chicago office so that they can upload it into the IES Abroad Youtube channel, so it will definitely be seen even if not at IES orientations. Also, Carla Fischzang uploaded a copy of my film onto the sustainability club website.



This film is going to teach anyone who watches it simple ways to live a more sustainable life, so ideally the long term effect will be that everyone in the IES community and the IES buildings themselves will become more sustainable then they already are. The beginning of the film will stress why all these actions are important so as to have a better effect on people.  Also, a video can be used from year to year and is more durable then  pamphlets and will save paper and other materials that go into making pamphlets and posters which are generally thrown out anyways. Even though the main focus on the film will be day-to-day ways to be sustainable, it is the little everyday things that add up and count for the most. From my experience, a video is the best way to get someones full attention because it requires the least amount of work for the viewer.

1.2.1.SWOT Analysis for logistics of action (marketing, finances, administration)



-Willingness from many people to participate in film

-Can be done without spending any money (used own camera and props)

-Does not use many materials that are taken from the earth and are wasteful

-Film is very captivating


-The spent to make film

-students thinking video is not as useful or interesting as any other video they've seen with a similar purpose.

-film may not be the best quality



-Can spread film to outside of IES and become infamous

-growing as an IES community

-Learning new things

-Future students can expand on film and/or make their own. ( copyright allows film to be expanded on and  be tweaked)


-Possiblity that there is no time for it to be played during orientation.


1.2.1. Feedback Loops

Reinforcing loop
Students do actions-> Film actions-> Show film-> film influences more of same actions thus resulting in growth of actions


1.2.3.Potential Benefits

-Whole IES community becoming greener

-Learning a new way to live certain aspects of life

-Spreading awareness

-Students teaching other students to live sustainable life, showing how easy it can be

-Actual IES buildings become greener, more recycling bins, remembering to turn lights off, save water, etc.


1.2.4.Potential Costs

-Getting students  to participate in the film, giving up free time

-time needed to make film and write out script



The work done so far by IES Abroad Barcelona has been the willingness of students to participate in the video and permission to play the video at orientation and/or integrate it into the IES program.Luckily, Betsey Tufano (who I mentioned earlier) has approved my action and really likes the idea. She is going to do everything she can to make sure the most amount of IES students and Faculty get a chance to see the video. I also made a semi script of the layout of the film and showed it to my actors and researched what tips students would find most interesting and useful. I spent time acquiring the necessary props for the film.  It was also important to me that during filming I let the actors in my film (students) add their own ideas and expand on my script.


1.3.1."Cradle to Cradle" design

Seeing as I made a film, no waste came from my action.  The only thing that was used that wasn't necessarily recreated is electricity.  

1.3.2.Questions for the unified survey

I changed my action after the survey deadline, but I made one anyways and asked just a few friends and family. 

1) How sustainable and “Green” do you think you are?

2) Do you care about being sustainable?

3) Do you care about the earth?

4) Do you generally throw away pamphlets that are given to you or do you read them?

5) Would you be interested in watching a video on how to be more sustainable?

6) If the video gave easy and quick tips on ways to be more sustainable, would you be willing implement these tips?

1.3.3.Analysis of the results in the survey

Ten people did my survey, and 70% of the people who answered the questions (friends and family) did not consider themselves that Green and would be willing to watch a film if it was fun and interesting.  Also many stated that they did in fact throw away pamphlets handed out to them as opposed to taking the time to read them, and would prefer a video.


-Simplified and not time-consuming way to help the earth, so the question becomes why not instead of why

-Sense of accomplishment for helping out

-Can star in or expand upon next sustainability movie (Everyone loves a prize)

1.3.5.Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

The film will mention the IES sustainability club and how that is a great way to get involved and all the good work they do, greatly promoting the sustainability club. Also the video is posted on the IES Sustainability Club website.

1.3.6.How will this action be sustained when you are not here?

The film remaining on the IES website and hopefully being played at orientation semester after semester. Also potentially updating or adding on to film every now and then from members of sustainability club or anyone who wants to add to it (copyright allows for this).  New sustainability club may even have interest in making a different film of their own at the beginning of the semester depending on their new ideas etc, it could become a sustainability club tradition.

1.3.7.Document format

HTML document for my actual template.

1.3.8. Copyright license of your report


CC BY: This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.Also, this is the copyright for my actual film.1.4.Time-sheet / Chronogram

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

-IES agreeing to market film.


-Film equipment (my camera)

-props needed for film

-start script

-Get all elements of film together

-Cast film


-Shoot film, send to Betsey (who then sends it to main IES office in Chicago).



1.5. References & Links:

I have not used many references except to look up some you tube videos on the basic steps to making a film:


As well as places to rent film equipment in Barcelona:


However I just ended up using my own camera, so the above link is irrelevant.

Also I watched the sustanability club video to get a feel of what a film made by previous IES students is like.

Here is the website for the blogs made by students in our class that i referenced in my video and put a link to at the end of my video:


1.6. Students involved in this action

-IES Students:

Adam Dale

dalea at gwmail.gwu.edu

Matt Lebow

mlebow at gwmail.gwu.edu

Carla Fischzang

carlaf at gwmail.gwu.edu

Evan Segal

ESegal at gwmail.gwu.edu

Sam Belt

Sambelt at gwmail.gwu.edu

These students not only starred in my film but also contributed their ideas and thoughts to it.


Blogs provided by:

Everyone in our class who made a blog, as i provided the blog website they used.



 Assignment 4: Peer review form

You do not have permission to insert an item

Items found: 16
Grade per actionReviewerComments
92 agluskerI really like this idea. It is a great source of information that would have been really helpful during one of the orientation classes in the begining of the semester. You could definitely coordinate with other students on adding some of their individual actions within the movie. For example, you could provide links to blogs about organic markets or sustainable travel. You could also talk about all the different options of sustainable actions IES has, as well as explain the eco euros. I think this video would be a great addition to making IES more sustainable.
91 Brian McNevinI think this idea is great! I believe creating a video to show students how to live more sustainable lifestyles is awesome because I feel students take more information from things we can actually see rather than just read or listen too. Orientation is the perfect time to show this video to the students as well.
98 carlafIf we had a video like this when we first arrived here, it would have saved me a lot of grief. This is genius. Teaching newcomers the basics and giving them tips as soon as they arrive here is so helpful. Not only is it informational, it is entertaining as well!
93 CFaheyI think it is a smart idea to have the video during an orientation because you know all of the students will be in attendance and its a good way to educate students right when they get here.
94 jschayeThis is great because its different then just another sign on the wall. Its really visual and would be great to show to students at the beginning of each semester so influence them to be more sustainable as well as get involved like you did.
93 Julia NuttI think that this is really good idea. Will students watch the video during orientation? I think that this definitely needs to be a continued action that is implemented at the beginning of next semester. Making it funny will definitely be more appealing to students because no one wants to learn from a boring movie. I think that if it is shown at the beginning of the semester it will be a good way for students to live the rest of their semester here more sustainably.
85 Kmacdonald4SOunds like a great way to inform students right when they get to Barcelona about how serious IES is about sustainability. I would have much rather seen a film that just heard one person announce sustainability club. Im sure a lot of students in class would be willing to participate in your film.
87 m.bernsteinOrientation is a great time to play a video like this. I know we go over case studies and read about others experiences abroad but a film like this could be very educational. If you incorporate how students can save a little bit of money while going green it would probably draw more students attention.
91 MarthaMayGreat idea! I would have enjoyed and benefitted from a video during orientation. It is important for sutdents to learn how recycling and taking out trash work as well as how the toilets have two different buttons for flushing. This video will especially benefit students who are doing independent living!
92 obiajuluthis is a good idea because it is going to be able to reach all the ies students and if its funny that helps it to be memorable.
96 Sarah ColeThis is a great idea! I think students get more out of videos rather than just reading papers. I think megan's idea about incorporating how it can save money is a good idea too.
91 seantubridyThis is a fantastic idea to teach students about sustainability. If shown at orientation, students will get a heard start to being more sustainable in their time in barcelona. Hopefully someone will add more things to the video next semester, thus making the video sustainable
93 SolomonBPI think this is a great idea, just may be tough to implement by the end of this semester since there is so little time left. If nothing else, this is a great action/idea to leave for future IES students to continue, pursue and create. Maybe a simple video could be done by you with the time we have left, to at least get the ball rolling, and then future students could improve and add to the video with more time to work on it since the action is in place from the start of the semester. I do think students would enjoy seeing a video made by videos in orientation, and not just reading stupid simulations. Also if the video could promote participation in the SC, that would be really helpful.
92 steph.eastlakeI think this will be a great way to spread the knowledge of what sustainability means to new students. This will also help with other student's projects because more students will understand the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. A suggestion that I have is to add in some of the other actions so incoming students are aware of all the different things that they can participate in if they're interested.
81 vsienkieThis is a great idea! I would have loved to see a video about how to live sustainability in Barcelona during orientation. When I first got here I did not know about recycling in this city or that we can drink the tap water. This is a great way to spread information about sustainable practices to new students and is waste free! Great idea.
93 vydraThis is a fantastic idea. I think its great to get the idea of being sustainable in the minds of students as soon as they get to school so that it sets the right pace for the entire semester. I would be very interested to see what the video looks like.

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 2
2.6 G.Nardi Orientation Sustainability Video Good Very good idea! But it needs to be done in time! In short, see below that I'm offering to lend you my own digital camera so that you can start recording your video straight away once you have the minimum idea of what/where/when to film! Talk to me asap about it so that I can pass you my own camera as soon as you needed. Why section: very well. Presentation: Good that you managed to make tables. With a little extra effort you can end up with an excellent action! (and therefore, excellent grade). Go ahead! Improvable 1.2.4. Potential costs "Financially: Quality of film: to make an actual high quality film will need to rent good equipment" I disagree. What is "good equipment" for you? See the video created from students in last semester in the SC homepage. Or the video Xavier de Pedro created himself upon the 1st day of the Bike refurbishing project (see the link which says High Quality). We do have these basic video camcorders available already, and in my honest opinion, this is good enough (speaking about image quality, resolution, etc) for such video, even if projected in full size on a wall/screen, etc. (note that versions on most internet video sites are low quality versions of the source videos, for the sake of reducing file size and bandwith consumption per video). "-Financially: Props for the film." Please, expand what you mean. 1.3. How: " Also potential funding to rent film equipment if needed." How are you planning to get the funding for your action? Otherwise, the whole action report might be "wet paper", if funding is a key factor and it's not solved in time.. "Making a semi script of what the layout of the film is going to be: what is going to be talked about in the film, etc. Researching what tips students would find most interesting and useful" Please, start it straight away! This is part of the implementation of your action, and it seems to be missing so far. However, you have still time to do it before the end of the 2nd deadline for this action report. Go ahead, your action can be very good with it, and easier to implement! In addition, I (Xavier de Pedro) offer to lend you my own digital camera so that you can do some proof of concept of the whole video. Talk to me asap. 1.3.1. "Also, some paper will be used for the posters to be a part of the film, but those can be reused as props in the film." Consider also using the concept "Waste = food" also for your inflows of materials (paper for your posters?), and not just for your outflows (waste generated). 1.3.3. "Even though not many people did my survey, the majority of people who answered the questions (friends and family) did not consider themselves that Green and would be willing to watch a film if it was fun and interesting." Even if not many people, you have to say how many people answered your survey, if its a survey. Later on, you can discuss whether it's representative or not, etc. (try to avoid bias in the selection of people who answer the survey for next times). See also 2011a General comments about this topic of analysing surveys. 1.3.7. Document format for the video? Who (from you all students potentially involved) knows about video editing? Which video format you plan to produce? Where will you upload it afterwards?... 1.3.8. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.4. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.5. Revise it based on 2011a General comments and also include references to similar actions from previous semesters (there was an action to produce the SC video!). Are you sure that you are preventing your action to hit the same issues that they might have hit in the past? Or take profit of their success? (learn from them, etc) 1.6. "I say this because it is fun making films, and I have already spoken to a lot of my friends who say they are willing to be in it. I have also spoken to a few teachers at IES who are very keen on being ecologically friendly and therefore want to participate in the video as well. " Provide their names and surnames in the "How" Section (specially the teachers, since that information might be valuable for other students in future semesters willing to make another version of that video, etc) Presentation: why did you remove the styles of the headings from the template? It's more difficult to produce a single document from all action reports at the end, if every single action report uses it's own custom styles for headings, etc. Please, re-do with heading styles, etc. Also, you can also use html bullet points instead of just dashes for items: use the star (*) at the start of the sentence instead of the dash (-).
Very well! See comments to your other action: G.Nardi Tomato Growing 101 Logistics: document format, waste=food, informtion waste (a little maybe?). Congratulations in general for the overall report and result from your action. Excellent content in the video (the experience shows that students like watching your video a lot!) 2nd

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