IES Barcelona Sustainability Club

1. IES Barcelona Sustainability Club

IES Abroad Barcelona's Sustainability Club is committed to a more sustainable way of living through environmental stewardship, education, and service.

1.1. Our Mission

Here at IES Abroad Barcelona we have the responsibility to provide leadership in developing a more sustainable way of living. By embracing sustainability and meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. “Our vision for the future remains connected to the original IES program in 1950...a world filled with interculturally competent leaders who have both the understanding and skills to effectively, humanely, and positively navigate across different cultures, in politics, education, business, or the non-profit sector”(IES Abroad Mission). Through our sustainable actions, we at IES Abroad Barcelona will continue to grant students the opportunity to experience life abroad in this ever-changing world in the same manner as the founding students of IES Abroad were able to achieve.

1.2. Our Goals

For any organization, it is important to have challenging, yet achievable goals. These our ours:

1. Seeking ways to reduce our use of non-renewable resources, minimize pollution, and live more lightly on the land.

2. Striving to generate a wider awareness of the values of sustainability.

3. Seeking to prepare our students through teaching and practicing actions of sustainability.

4. Recognizing our role in enlightening the IES community about the importance of both individual and institutional environmental responsibility.

5. Promoting public dialogue and information on sustainability.

6. Integrating sustainable actions into the daily operations of IES Abroad Barcelona.

7. Providing a voice for sustainability in the development of strategic planning and capital expenditures.

8. Encouraging the IES community to build upon sustainability through
identifying opportunities, formulating strategies, and implementing initiatives to further the move toward a more sustainable future.

1.2.1. IES Barcelona Sustainability Club Facebook Page

In short, The IES Barcelona Sustainability Club Facebook Page is a simple means to share links, pictures, information, etc. in a forum style manner on the "Wall" on the Facebook page. I strongly believe that by utilizing Facebook and connecting it with the Club's official tiki site, we will be able to attract a much broader crowd as well as maintaining the interest level and willingness to share ideas. It is safe to say that the majority of IES students do their social networking on Facebook. Whether it be checking pictures, chatting with friends, planning events, or checking out new information, it is all made possible on Facebook. I strongly believe that students participating in the IES Barcelona Sustainability Club would contribute much more information and contacts through Facebook than any other website or listserve. Facebook will keep Club almuns in contact with current members as well.

Facebook has become an internet sensation. It has changed the way that people communicate, make plans, and share ideas. Facebook essentially has incorporated all of the topics above and put them onto one website where it is all possible. It has changed the attitudes of many large and small businesses. Nowadays, businesses are looking to adapt to modern culture and to get in touch with the youth of the generation. Facebook is allowing for these companies to get in touch with those who have accounts. The Facebook Page would reduce dependency on paper calendars, paper schedules, and paper contact lists. That saves a lot of paper, ink and leaves a small ecological footprint. As of now, Facebook is a free service that is open to anyone. I have not read or heard of any plans in the future to begin charging for accounts, so that is not a short-term concern. That does need to be something that is monitored in the future though in case things were to change in order to keep it sustainable for the long-term.

Contributions: Conner fabricated the Mission Statement and the Goals for the IES Abroad Barcelona Sustainability Club.

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