Installation of Solar Panel

1. "Solar Panel Installation" (Li Li)

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1.1. What

This action was designed to purchase and install solar panel from Terra Foundation in IES Barcelona Abroad. All students are encouraged donate money or unwanted electronics. All money collected will be used towards the purchase and installation of solar panel. This action focuses mainly on acquiring sufficient funds to purchase the solar panel so that IES Barcelona could generate clean electricity by itself thus contributes to sustainable environment.

1. Contact Terra Foundation and find out the cost and the basic requirement to install solar panels

2. Talk to IES staff about the possibility and ways to raise fund

3. Possibie fund sources

1.1.1. SWOT Analysis

1.2.1. SWOT Analysis

• Generating electricity by IES itself
• Decreases cost
• Decreases dependency on nuclear generated electricity
• Promotes idea of cradle to cradle
• Utilizes the solar power
• Promotion of sustainability have the ability to evoke an emotional response to persuade students to donate
• Less regulation comparing the more complicated solar panel

• Large installation cost
• Governmental regulations and fees
• The possibility of students unwilling to donate

• Help IES with electricity usage and cost
• Decrease carbon footprint from IES Barcelona students
• Give back to the Barcelona community

• Students wont care that much/ wont see it as an easier process for them
• Students might not bring unwanted electronics until the last days, which may be too late
• No one is going to take care of the fund if solar panel is not installed this semester

1.1.2. Feedback loops

Installation of solar panel -> increase electricity generated by solar power -> more attention and awareness of eco-effectiveness -> more actions in reducing IES’s carbon footprint -> IES becoming greener -> possible further installation of environmental friendly items

• This loop would be considered a reinforcing loop with two positive causal loop

Installation of solar panel -> increase electricity generated by solar power -> more attention and awareness of eco-effectiveness within IES -> possible further installation of environmental friendly items

1.1.3. Advertising

I will be posting flyer in IES before the possible donation to increase awareness.
I have also contacted related personel to make sure that the people who can make the decision is aware of my action.

1.2. Why this action makes things more sustainable?

The price for electricity in Barcelona is around €25 per 100 KW h of electricity inclusive IVA and service charges. IES spends a large amount of money on electricity to run the building and all the computers we are using. The solar panel will be able to generate about 15 to 20% of all the electricity IES will be using. If solar panel is installed in IES, it will reduce IES’s electricity cost significantly.
This action if carried out successfully is a prime example of the cradle to cradle design. People generally use electricity provided by big Utility companies. However, one should not ignore the gifted weather of Barcelona in terms of its advantage of sufficient sunlight. Because of its Mediterranean weather, Barcelona is sunny about 320 days in a year. This advantage can significantly benefit IES if we choose to turn the sunshine into electricity. The action incorporates the idea that the money collected from renting out used electronics can be used on other activities that makes our environment more sustainable.
The idea of installing the solar panel is also sustainable because it promotes the idea of eco-effectiveness. If people take part in this action, more electricity can be generated from solar power (which means less dependency on nuclear power). As an educational institution, IES should be a lead in sustaining the environment. It also goes along with decreasing IES Barcelona Abroad "ecological/ carbon footprint" as a whole.
Generating electricity from solar power is the cleanest way to produce electricity. Nuclear powerplant has a lot of downfalls such as the generation of nuclear wastes.
This action can also have an outlet in changes in attitudes. Students, if they donate, can feel a sense of ownership in the solar panel and a feeling of giving back to Barcelona; kind of a thank you gift for the adventure they had in the city while they studied abroad here.
From the examples listed above, it is clear that purchasing and installing through donations to those who need it is has very sustainable aspects that can be a step in the right direction to helping the environment.

1.2.1. Potential Benefits

Reduce electricity cost
- Produce clean energy
- Reduce IES Barcelona Abroad ecological footprint
- Promote clean energy
- Has a lasting impact on IES’s image of being environmentally friendly
- Becoming an example of using solar energy in Barcelona area

1.2.2. Potential Costs

- About 800 euros.
- Governmental regulations
- Organization of student donation
- Time to promote this idea to IES director
-Time spent contacting Terra Foundation

1.3. How

I have spoken with Terra Foundation who told me the price and procedure necessary to purchase and install solar panel in IES. I have talked with IES staff for possibility of such project. If approved I will hang the flyers on the bulletin board on all floors of the IES building along with send out an email letting educating students on the lasting benefits on environment solar panel could bring us and ask for possible donations. That will happen around April first. Around the middle of April another reminder email will be sent. If not enough money is collected or distributed for installing the solar panel, I will talk with IES staff to make sure that funds stays aside for future students who wants to continue the project.

1.3.1. "Cradle to Cradle" design

The flyers used to promote my action will be recycled and I will try to cooperate with other students to avoid duplication.
The solar panel itself fits the cradle to cradle design. It gets its food (sunshine) from the sun and turns it into electricity, which in turn provides for all the electicity used by IES students. Therefore, the money IES and IES students spend goes around and work for them. There is the concern of how to dispose the solar panel once it breaks or needs replacement.

1.3.2. Questions for the unified survey

'' How much are you willing to donate to help IES install solar panel to save electricity usage?

2. To faculty: On a 1 to 10 scale, how much do you care about electricity usage in IES?


1.3.3. Incentives

An incentive for IES to install solar panel is that it will save IES lots of money on electricity in the long run. Electricity is fairly expense in Barcelona and having its own eco-efficient generator that can last years will be a good investment.
I understand that the funding of installing solar panel will not come easy. However, this could be a good cause of donation for all the money raised by other environmental projects such as renting old cellphones or used small electronics.
An incentive for somebody to carry out this action in the future is the fact that it incorporates many aspects. It is also an opportunity to create an image of self worth for them self and feel like part of a great process. Who ever follows out this action will be continuing a great tradition and make IES one step closer to a greener organization.

1.3.4. Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

If there is a Sustainability Club, they will be able to watch over the progress of funding and making sure that this action continues after my departure. It is important to understand that with a huge upfront cost, it is very hard to complete this project within a short period of time. But in the long run, this project should and can be continued and will greatly benefit IES and the environment.

1.3.5. How will this action be sustained when you are not here?


I am hoping that there will be someone in the staff keeping track of the accumulation of funding and students working on continuing collecting money and find possible sponsors for the solar panel, so that one day IES will have enough money to install the solar panel.

1.3.6. Who will do what

Future environmental students and supportive staff.

1.3.7. Document format

The advertisement designed for this action was done using Microsoft word meaning it is a in the format of .doc. This document is as followed: More Sunshine In IES.

I will choose CC so that my work can be used and shared by others. I also want to make sure that people who use my work also allow others to share their modified versions.

1.4. Time-sheet / Chronogram

2nd month: Email and contact administration for approval
First week of third month: Make Flyers to raise awareness
third week of third month: Determine the amount of funding available
Last month: Make sure someone else can take over when I leave

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1.6. Annexes

Annexes come here (if any): pictures, copies of emails sent, produced documents, marketing material, links to equivalent pages at the Sustainability Club (http://iesgogreen.seeds4c.org), etc.

1.7. Students involved in this action

Li Li is in charge of this action

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