Pre-departure packet

1. Predeparture PDF

Pre-departure PDF.pdf

1.1. The idea

The idea behind this pre-departure PDF is to educated students about easy ways they can continue or start an environmentally friendly life style while in Barcelona. The PDF is reminding students to bring their own water bottle, but the main focus of the PDF is educating the new students about sustainable businesses, stores, restaurants, and grocery stores to visit while in Barcelona. The PDF is simply a guide for students to know and understand more about sustainability in another country. While studying abroad it is easy to forget about things we do at home that may be environmentally friendly, but while away from home that can get hard. Giving the students the information before they get to Barcelona will help them navigate their first days here and allow them to start off on a green foot! Most importantly, we will send the PDF through e-mail to save trees, money, and reduce IES’s footprint.

1.2. Why create a sustainability PDF?

The pre-departure PDF answers questions that students may have to be answered before they get to Barcelona and help them get more acquainted in a more sustainable way to Barcelona. Additionally it may open students eyes to the option of living more sustainably that they had not yet thought to. Students are very overwhelmed when they first arrive in a foreign country so if they know of names of places to go, they are more likely to go to those places and in this case develop great habits!

1.2.1. Potential Benefits

Students would benefit from the packet because they will have important and beneficial knowledge about the IES program and life in Barcelona before they arrive. Many students at IES this semester did not bring water bottles, or did not know where to buy reusable water bottles and reminding them to do so is helpful for the student and the environment. Additionally, making the students aware of the sustainable businesses that exist in their new city will create more business for the local owners here.

1.2.2. Potential Costs

The cost of sending the PDF would be virtually nothing. It costs zero money to create the PDF, and since the PDF will already be created for the IES staff to send, the only cost is “human resources” of whoever will be sending out an e-mail to the accepted students for this summer and fall programs.

1.3. How

The PDF will give students helpful ideas on how to live a more sustainable life in Barcelona while not changing their day to day life drastically and enhancing their time in Barcelona. The PDF will be ready to send out for the students who will be arriving for IES’s summer program.

I found a lot of the businesses here http://www.ecototal.com/amp_articulos.php?tipo=5. Additionally all the businesses have their websites which are on the pamphlet. All the information for the places in

1.5. Students involved

I was the leader of this action and did the research behind the project. Amanda Vitull was the creative brains behind the project and did the layout of the PDF. Tyler Ben-Amotz helped me research sustainable restaurants, and sustainable stores in Barcelona.

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4554444mtrejoGood idea, though I only hope that it's well made enough such that incoming students pay attention to it!

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