Recommend it

Yes, I would recommend this class to future students. I took the class to become more aware of issues facing my generation relating to sustainability and green energy. I have learned a lot in this course and it covered topics I was not expecting including sustainable technology and knowledge. (2016 Spring. Student 1/17)

The professor Xavier de Pedro, Ph.D. is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and it is interesting to learn how sustainability goes beyond "global-warming" and "hybrid-cars" (2016 Spring. Student 2/17).

I believe it is a great course that goes over numerous topics and challenges we face now and in the future, and how we can fix them and avoid them. It was very eye-opening. (2016 Spring. Student 3/17)

It teaches sustainability from more perspectives than I was thinking, or even that I previously knew about. And besides that, it's an important issue (2016 Spring. Student 4/17)

I would recommend the course because most of the class was interesting and it was not a very stressful class (2016 Spring. Student 5/17)

Yes, I would recommend this course if you would like to learn about the current issues with our Earth and the sustainable efforts being put forth to solve them (2016 Spring. Student 6/17)

I learned so much about sustainability, which Ifeel is very important topic today. There was not too much work and Xavier is a very fair grader. The open note tests were also very helpful. (2016 Spring. Student 7/17)

Very interesting topics that are real-life examples/problems that we need to help solve / work on! Very passionate about this work. Thanks so much! (2016 Spring. Student 8/17)

I would recommend this course because sustainability is a very important subject in the modern world. It is every person's responsibility to conserve the environment. (2016 Spring. Student 9/17)

I learned a lot of new information - especially the first half. The project was cool too to actually see something we make be implemented and used. (2016 Spring. Student 10/17)

I would recommend the course because many students have absolutely no idea how important it is to be and create a sustainable community. It is very important and interesting to learn about the topics in this class. Also because the professor is very cool and extremely nice. (2016 Spring. Student 11/17)

You will learn a lot about technology / ideas that can greatly impact our future and the world needs more people who understand that there are ways to make a positive impact that do not involve continuing to invest in unsustainable technology and voting for the Donald Trumps of the World. (2016 Spring. Student 12/17)

You learn so much about sustainable practices occuring throughout the world and about unsustainable ones we need to fix its very interesting and interactive and professor xavier's enthusiasm and passio keeps you paying attention and wanting to learn more. (2016 Spring. Student 13/17)

Yes, I would recommend the course. If course is required you should take it because it allows you to gain an indepth understanding about sustainability as it relates to one world and potential solutions to problems that arrise (2016 Spring. Student 14/17)

I took this course simply because it satisfied a requirement that I needed in order to graduate. I didn't have any prior knowledge about any of the topics discussed. This course allowed me to learn a lot about the world I live in and presented many options to help make it more sustainable, which I think everyone can benefit from. (2016 Spring. Student 15/17)

One of the most indepth courses I've taken on global sustainability + the way it is structured helps the student interact with the topic, for example the final paper requires you to be creative + think of an idea that is sustainable. (2016 Spring. Student 16/17)

Yes, I would recommend the course. Not only is this course extremely informative, but it is crucial for people to understand such topics as the world sees major changes. As well, you are a great professor who is passionate about the topic - that is always awesome. Thanks for a good semester. (2016 Spring. Student 17/17)

While I had never taken a class like this before, I feel a little more confident in my knowledge. I have always been interested in sustainability so I am happy that I was able to take the class. One note Is that some concepts were hard to me to follow even after the readings and class, I should have come and spoken to the professor and spoken up more in class and be more confident even though I was unsure. Thanks!. (2016 Fall. Student 1/17)

The information was very interesting and relevant to this time and Barcelona. Changed the way I viewed environmentally friendly ideas versus sustainability. (2016 Fall. Student 2/17)

Manageable work. Useful material. (2016 Fall. Student 3/17)

I learned more about sustainable systems and environmental solutions in one semester here than I ever did in my home university. This was a new a refreshing way to see the challenges and responses our world faces today. I'll bring back more from this class than the rest of my other classes combined. (2016 Fall. Student 4/17)

Not only think it was intersting, but I didn't even know sustainability had such a wide reach. Originally, I thought it was just about keeping the air, ocean and Earth clean. It is so much more than that. Also, our professor Xavier de Pedro, Ph.D. truly loved what he does and he wants us to learn to be better. He wants to help us be better. (2016 Fall. Student 5/17)

We learned a lot of interesting topics and it was more of an overview of all things about sustainability rather than getting bored with one topic. I liked the activities and field trips and the readings were pretty interesting :-) (2016 Fall. Student 6/17)

Being that IES is a program that has a lot of business majors that will be future leaders in the field, I think it is very important to learn about sustainability and how different systems can be implemented. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I thought the professor did a great job opening our minds to new concepts. I would definitely recommend this course. (2016 Fall. Student 7/17)

It was interesting and very informative. The material was new and covered sustainability in a very broad way which really allowed me to understand sustainability in a more inclusive way. The material in this class will definitely help me in future classes related to environmental studies and sustainability. (2016 Fall. Student 8/17)

Although I was already well versed in environmental sustainability and practices, it was very interesting to learn about the economic, knowledge and development side of sustainability. The course helped to answer questions that I usually feel are missing in environmental studies courses such as "What can I do to help?"! Thank you for your time!!. (2016 Fall. Student 9/17)

I learned more than I expected in this course. I am now able to to look at sustainability in a whole new way. I can critically think about the strengths and weaknesses of an idea or concept. I enjoyed all the videos we watched and specially the trip to the architecture school. Very interesting course!. (2016 Fall. Student 10/17)

I have always been interested in the environment & been eager to reduce my carbon footprint. Not only did I learn about this, but I learned more about our future & why we need to act now. (2016 Fall. Student 11/17)

I would recommend this course because of 2 main reasons:

  • (1) This course gives insight on an alternative way of thinking about how we treat our world and do our practices. Especially in the U.S. where we are so wasteful it can make you reflect and change.
  • (2) My favourite part of the course were the escursions we did. Travelling to the FabLab let me see an entire sustainable production I would have not seen otherwise. (2016 Fall. Student 12/17)

I learned a lot about how the environment works and the systems within it. It was a lot harder for me as a non-environmental sciences major, but it was important for me to learn more. (2016 Fall. Student 13/17)

Coming into the course, I wasn't very knowledgeable about all of the environmental and social issues caused by human activity. I found the material very interesting and am glad I am more aware of the world around me. Overall, it was a great semester with an enthusiastic professor Xavier de Pedro, Ph.D. tht helped me learn a lot. (2016 Fall. Student 14/17)

Its an informative class tht teaches the basics of the concept of sustainability, a word that many people know, but now enough understand. I bet this course will leave an impact on many of the kids who took it. (2016 Fall. Student 15/17)

I would recommend this course because it provides a great deal of knowledge abouut the environment and sustainability. It is also an appropriate introductory course for those with little knowledge of sustainability. (2016 Fall. Student 16/17)

I think that this course was designed for people studying environmental studies. Some of the sessions were a bit challenging to understand, if you had no prior knowledge. I really loved the lightning talks. Topics were current. (2016 Fall. Student 17/17)

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