Recycling in home stays

I think that recycling could be improved in home stays. In my Senora's house there is no recycling bins only the trash can, and she doesn't recycle anything but wine bottles. It would be nice to have a recycling bin for plastic, metal and paper in each home stay.

I think IES should provide each student with a reusable, filtering, water bottle and the subject of tap water in Spain should be addressed during orientation week. People in Spain drink the tap water and I think it is a waste how many plastic water bottles IES students throw out. It would be much more sustainable to fill up reusable ones at home stays, apartments, and water fountains in IES. My home stay keeps a brita filter pitcher in the fridge and it is less expensive for students living in apartments to purchase filters and refill water bottles rather than buy plastic ones each day.

I think IES should have more recycling bins in the center. I have trouble finding bins for anything other than recycled paper. It would be beneficial to have a row of different bins, trash, paper, plastic, cans, etc. all clearly marked and in the same location on each floor.

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