Reusable IES Water Bottles - Diana, Christine, Hannah

Reusable IES Water Bottles

1. What

My plan for implementing reusable water bottles will help create a more sustainable community within IES Barcelona. Students spend hundreds of Euros on plastic water bottles that are unsafe and a total waste of resources. By paying a low one-time fee for a reusable water bottle, students will end up saving money and the environment. When filling out paperwork on the application for IES, students could select the option of buying an IES water bottle. This makes it easy for students to have their water bottles upon their arrival in Barcelona.

1.1. Similar actions form previous semesters

There have been several action plans for the implementation of reusable water bottles, however none of them have come to fruition. The most recent plan suggested the option of selecting a water bottle from the application forms, which seems like a very practical idea.
• http://sustainability.seeds4c.org/Reusable+IES+Waterbottles&structure=2011b+Fall+Actions
• http://sustainability.seeds4c.org/Water+Bottles&structure=2011a+Spring+Actions
• http://sustainability.seeds4c.org/Reusable+IES+Water+Bottles+and+Grocery+Bags&structure=2010b+Fall+Actions

1.2. SWOT Analysis

• No plastic waste
• Much more economic in the long term
• Shows off the IES logo
• Students may already have reusable water bottles
• Even “environmentally responsible” water bottles have a negative affect on the environment to create
• Opportunity for student curiousity and learning about sustainability
• Can save students a lot of money in the long run
• Convenient
• IES may not cooperate with plans
• Students might prefer to drink soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, etc.

1.3. Feedback loops

There is a reinforcing loop when students buy a sustainable water bottle which will stop them from buying plastic bottles that end up as waste. There is also a balancing loop when students have their sustainable water bottles, continue to use them at their home schools, and help spread the word about sustainability.

1.4. Advertising

Idealy our reusable water bottles will be advertised on the IES website and on the application paperwork. Also, if many students have the water bottles, they will advertise themselves as being a popular and trendy accessory.
Also, Since the bottles will have the IES Barcelona logo on them, they will be advertising the program as well. This will be particularly useful when students bring their IES water bottles back to their home schools.s

2. Why this action makes things more sustainable

This action will make a more sustainable community for many reasons. We will greatly reduce waste created by hundreds of students buying hundreds of plastic bottles of water almost daily. Plastic is incredibly harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, especially when they are treated by burning which leaks chemicals into the environment and the atmosphere, or left in landfills to leak chemicals into the ground. Recyclying plastic water bottles may be efficient, but it still has wasteful problems. however, reusable IES water bottles create an effective solution that is entirely reusable and therefore saves waste.

2.1. Potential benefits

Students will save very much money with the one time payment for their reusable water bottle as opposed to spending money daily on plastic bottles. Additionally, reusable water bottles provide an effective and sustainable way for students to quench their thirst without creating waste.

2.2. Potential Costs

This website is an example of just how inexpensive it would be to purchase bulk reusable water bottles. Environmentally and health wise, stainless steel would probably be our best option. They do not leak toxins into the water, and they are very durable. Depending on how the meeting goes with Cesar, IES may even consider paying the low cost of ordering water bottles for all of its students.

3. How

We will talk to Cesar about putting the option of purchasing an IES water bottle on the application forms, and maybe even of the possibility for IES to purchase them outright in bulk.

3.1. “Cradle to Cradle” design

Stainless steel does not leak toxins and is a recycled and sustainable material. They are very durable, and safe to drink out of for extended periods of time (whereas plastic bottles should not be reused at all). Hypothetically, these bottles can last forever. However, they can also be up-cycled into machinery, electronics, etc. since stainless steel is such a common and useful material.

3.2. Incentives

Students will definitely save a lot of money if they are able to make the switch from bottled water to reusable water bottles. People pay millions of dollars to ensure that their water is safe to consume, so the argument that bottled water is safer isn’t really valid. Many bottled water companies use tap water anyway.

3.3. How will this action be sustained when you are not here

Whoever is in charge of calculating data received on application forms will have to order the amount of water bottles necessary for incoming IES classes, and the students will have to pay for the bottles.

3.4. Who will do what

We will need to meet with Cesar to determine how the above can be administered.

3.5. Comparison to similar actions from previous semesters

This action has been attempted several times in the past, but it has never actually been implemented. Our goal is to set up the system so that within a year, students will be able to order their very own IES Barcelona water bottle on the application.

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4. Time-sheet/chronogram

11/16/2012: emailed Cesar Alegre to ask for his consideration for this project, which he agreed to
10/1/2013: encourage sustainability club to sit down with Cesar to present the propostion and information gathered here
1/2/2013: Put together a team of one or more IES staff members and the sustainability club to create terms of agreement for this action by adding an option to purchase a water bottle while applying to the program
3/9/2013 (Fall semester 2013): The first class of IES students will be able to order and receive their very own IES reusable water bottles!

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6. Students Involved in This Action

Diana Wolfish, Christine Landau, Hannah Weiss

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