Reusable IES water bottles

1. Action name

Reusable IES water bottles

1.1. What

My action is for IES to purchase reusable aluminum water bottles to give out with the reusable bags at orientation.

1.2. Why this action makes things more sustainable?

This action is improving the sustainability of IES Abroad Barcelona, because it is reducing the wasteful dependence many student have on plastic water bottles. Many of the plastic water bottles students use are thrown away instead of recycled which leads to more filling of landfills. This is directly relating to eco-effectiveness because by using reusable aluminum water bottles, we are eliminating the problem of wasteful plastic water bottles.

1.2.1. SWOT Analysis


Weaknesses Some students may prefer plastic water bottles. *Administration is possibly going to sell the bottles this might discourage people from buying them''




:-(see free_SWOT_analysis_template.pdf)''

1.2.2. Feedback loops

The water bottles would create a reinforcing feedback loop by students constantly using the waterbottles and not using plastic throwaway water bottles.

1.2.3. Potential Benefits

The potential benefits are that IES will be setting a good example about using reusable water bottles, that other study abroad programs could potentially adopt also. It's also beneficial for the environment and cheaper for students who are buying a plastic water bottle every day.

1.2.4. Potential Costs

For student there could be a possible charge but it would be very small. Solomon said that the administration was thinking about charging 2 euros for the water bottles. I think this is a bad idea because some students would probably not want to pay the 2 euros for the bottle. It probably would only take the company making the water bottles time, and IES Abroad Staff handing them out at the orientation. The information for the cost of the water bottles with the IES logo is as follows:

500 at 2.73€/un (base price per unit for 500 units)
Printing the IES logo with 3 colors
3 colors--1.33€/un (price per unit for printing the logo)
Flat fee for the printing- 144€
Laser Etching of the IES Logo (no color)
laser--0.75€/un (price per unit)
laser--48€ (flat fee)

1365--for 500 bottles
1740--for 500 bottles with no color just laser etching
240--for 500 bottles with the IES logo with three colors

3 colors--1.24€/un
Flat fee-->144€

1000 bottles- 2570
1000 bottles with three colors IES logo- 3810
1000 bottles with laser logo -3260

1.3. How

Implementation/Methodology. So far, Solomon has talked to administration about the water bottles. And they basically said that everything is good to go as long as we have a list of prices for 500 water bottles and 1000 water bottles. We are waiting to hear back the prices for the water bottles with the IES logo printed on them but the prices for the water bottles without the logo are:
-500= 3,020 Euros

+500= 2,860 Euros +2000=2,790 Euros

IN a perfect world this action would have already been done. It seems like a pretty standard thing to do to hand out water bottles that not only will reduce the use of plastic water bottles but also serve as PR for IES. Students will be walking around with these water bottles after they leave and probably be asked what it stands for or means and then talk about IES. Right now it seems very likely next semester IES students will have the option of purchasing the water bottles. I think the administration should just tack on the two euros they want to sell the bottles for onto the price of tuition, so each student gets a bottle.

1.3.1. "Cradle to Cradle" design

This design is "Cradle to Cradle" ready. The only possible waste coming out of this is if and when the student no longer needs the bottle they throw it away. I think its still more beneficial to have the water bottles made and used for a while rather then just using plastic bottles everyday. I think this could be avoided by sending emails to the students to before they come with a flier attached about the water bottles and also some information about the fact that the water is clean to drink in Barcelona---and other things the students may not know. These emails would have to be sent to the next group of IES students so they would know the information when they get the bottle and when they are in Barcelona. Overall, using reuasble water bottles is only lessening waste, because it is reducing the amount of plastic throw away water bottles that students have been using.

1.3.2. Questions for the unified survey

Would you use an aluminum water bottle over buying a plastic water bottle?
Would you be willing to pay 2 Euros for the water bottle upon arrival in Barcelona?

1.3.3. Analysis of the results in the survey

Were not included in survey

1.3.4. Incentives

I think reusable water bottles basically sells itself. I think the incentive is that it is good for the environment and it saves people a lot of money by reducing the amount of water bottles they buy.

1.3.5. Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

The Sustainability club could take this on. I was mistaken but thought I had heard that the sustainability club had been trying to get the water bottles approved possibly last semester since that is when it was created...It would be a great goal to have the water bottles for the next group of IES students or next years IES students to work on this.

1.3.6. How will this action be sustained when you are not here?

The action will be sustained because students will want to have the water bottles in the upcoming semesters. Also, students in sustainability class and im sure the sustainability club will need to have used actions and this one is a great way to increase sustainable living in Barcelona. I think that the IES Abroad program will also benefit from having the reusable water bottles because it shows that they care about the environment and saving students money.

1.3.7. Document format

Creative Commons License
IES water bottles by IES is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I chose this version because future generations of IES students may want to change the logo or design of the water bottle and it would be nice for them to be able to do that.


1.5. Students involved in this action

Julia Nutt
Mary Bowerman

Note from the professor (April 27th, 2011)): Solomon Bayer was not co-author of this report, but just helped with the design, and the actual action.

 Assignment 4: Peer review form

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Items found: 15
Grade per actionReviewerComments
89 agluskerI think aluminum water bottles are a great idea and I think all students in IES would not mind paying a couple euros to purchase these water bottles especially if there was an incentive. These could definitely be advertised to the Sustainability courses as well as the sustainability club!
88 Brian McNevinReusable aluminum bottles will definitely help lower the ecological footprint of IES and it's students. Buying a water everyday gets to be expensive and extremely detrimental to the environment. IES would be smart to invest in these.
80 CFaheyThis is a great action and shouldnt be that difficult to implement as long as IES agrees to cover the cost, if not im sure students would mind paying for water bottles as long as they are advertised early in the year.
90 Drew.peroThis will definitely help reduce the footprint used by the IES program and I'm sure it is an attainable goal to achieve
86 gnardiThese would definitely be useful and I think all IES students would be interested in having a water bottle. I agree with m.bernstein that ideally the water bottles would be free, but I realize that is a little less realistic. Regardless, I would probably be willing to pay 2 euro for the bottle because I would think that that is cheaper then it would be at a store.
94 jschayeI think aluminum is a great idea. Plastic is very bad for the environment and I think you should advertise a lot of why aluminum is better then plastic for your wallet and for the environment.
95 Julia NuttI am working with you on this and think that it is a great idea and will really help IES become more sustainable and reduce the amount of waste drastically!
87 m.bernsteinAgain, I think this action is very smart for both students and IES as a whole. So much money is wasted by students constantly buying plastic water bottles. I dont think its a terrible idea for IES to charge 2 euros per bottle but if you kind another way for students to recieve these bottles for free it would definitely be better.
76 MarthaMayI would definitely use an IES reusable water bottle. My only suggestion is to re-format this action page because it is hard to read.
69 obiajuluthis is a good idea reusable aluminum bottles will be incredibly helpful and very useful to IES students now and in the future
95 Sarah ColeGreat idea. This is a great way to improve sustainability and I think a lot of students will use the water bottles. This will be useful in the long-run in regards to improving sustainability at IES.
83 seantubridyWater bottles would be very useful to IES students and to reduce the ecological footprint of the iES center. 2 euros is nothing, considering the amount of money you would save throughout the whole semester. IES would be stupid not to invest in these. You might want to change your layout of the tiki, the format was very hard to read.
96 SolomonBPWe should be making the purchase of the reusable water bottles this week to sell to students before the end of the semester. The SC could use help with advertising the water bottles availability to all students. If you were willing to help do that, that would be great.
76 vsienkieI hope this idea becomes a reality in IES because I think that all students in IES could use a refillable plastic water bottle. If IES does not want to pay for these bottles then Im sure most students would not mind paying a few extra euros that is included in their tuition. I know I would pay a little more!
87 vydraI love the idea of giving reusable water bottles to IES students. If this action goes through, it will make IES drastically more sustainable. So many students use water bottles every day that I see, so if they were all given a reusable one at the beginning of the year, it would cut down on waste as well as save students money.

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 2
1.16 Reusable IES water bottles - Mary Bowerman - Solomon Bayer (official leader) - Julia Nutt - Gabriella Nadi - Carla Fischzang Good the raw data at the "Potential costs" section. add the reference to the report by students from previous semesters Improvable 1.1. Remove the code which produces the grey font colour from your text. And remove garbage from there... The action is way too simple. Invest some time and energy to raise the level of your goals. Just "encourage IEs to purchase reusable aluminium bottles"... can be done in 10 minutes: talk to them one day, and encourage them to do so. You can do much more, Mary!. If they say no, it's too expensive (which is, in fact), which plan B do you have to achieve the final goal, which is, as far as I understand, that students can use durable containers to keep water (among other liquids?) during their stay in the IEs Abroad Barcelona program? 1.2.1. SWOT: empty. Improve! 1.2.2. "The water bottles would create a reinforcing feedback loop by students constantly using the waterbottles and not using plastic throwaway water bottles. " There is no feedback loop identified in your sentence. 1.2.4. Potential costs: It's almost unreadable. Use simple text, or full html-based wysiwyg (if you keep the wysiwyg mode of the editing box). Provide some number at the end saying how much would that cost for IES Abroad Barcelona, considering a certain amount of students for next semester, etc. (all? if so, ask how many are expected, and adapt yor calculations) what about the time to adapt (if needed) and deliver the logo, collect the bottles, store them somewhere (space is needed: where are they going to be stored?), distribute them for students who payed, etc. Time from payed workers is money invested from a company, don't forget about it! advertising the project? designing some poster or flyer? printing them and hanging them around? you could also reward with ecoeuros to students helping with the required tasks to make this action successful. 1.3. How: provide how the action will be carried out the next semester. Not how did you discuss the design and with who, etc. 1.3.1. "The only possible waste coming out of this is the use of paper fliers to possibly advertise for the water bottles." Please, create the swot analysis for your action, and identify well your weaknesses and threats. Depending on how you design your action, another source of waste will be the bottles themselves, not being used and being thrown away at some point in the future (specially if they are provided free for the students - as you seem to suggest -, and they are not requested to be delivered back, etc.), An incentive program to deliver them back might help to reduce this waste... Where is the flyer? And the text for the email to be sent? Someone has to design/write it all... And unless you say the names and surnames of who will design it and when, you are expected to design it before the deadlines for the action report. 1.3.3. Discuss the interpretation of the results to your question, etc. And adapt your action if needed/appropriate, etc. 1.3.4. Why should IES Abroad Barcelona be willing to pay for such expensive action? Which incentive/benefit do they take from it? If they say that they fund only 20% of the bottles, which incentives might help them increase that percentage? 1.3.5. "The Sustainability club has been trying to do this in past years. They are why the action is actually being completed." You are out of reality. The SC didn't exist in past years: it was designed in 2010 Fall (by some students) and it was constituted for the first time in January 2011. You are the one/s designing the action, not others. You may get help from the Sustainability Club, but not have the action done by other people, and then, say here that you are the author of the action. 1.3.6. "The action will be sustained because students will want to have the water bottles in the upcoming semesters. " Out of reality. Students wanting water bottles is not enough to guarantee that the aluminium bottles will be bought by IES Abroad Barcelona every semester... Write the SWOT analysis first, and then come back to improve this section later. 1.3.7. Write this also, once you have written the cited texts/flyers you referred in your report. 1.3.8. For what you say, you didn't understood very well why you chose did among all the options available in creative commons. 1.4. There are other reports (from earlier semesters) providing very good information about water in Barcelona, water bottles, etc. What do the bottles look like? (the ones with those prices). A picture would be very appropriate. Who is the distributor (producer, vendor, ...) of those bottles? Are they a LOIS-type or TINA-type of business? Why did you choose that provider and not others?
Very weak. And not all recommendations of improvements have been followed. Sections missing, etc.2nd

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