Reuse a Shoe- Drew

1. Reuse A Shoe

Reuse a Shoe

1.1. What

This action is about recycling the shoes of people to help create athletic facilities for underprivaledged countries/ regions. It will be done by collecting shoes from people that don't need them anymore.Many people tend to throw their shoes out after they have used them to the fullest capacity. My sustainable action corresponds with Nike's Re-use a Shoe campaign where they are collecting shoes that people don't use anymore. Nike will recycle them for underpriviledged countries for use of athletic facilities. For example, they will use the rubber from the shoes to use for tracks in underdeveloped countries 


1.2. Why this action makes things more sustainable?

Justification: Answer this question as clear as possible: "Why your action is improving the Sustainability of IES Abroad Barcelona?. Use as many concepts as possible from the ones you learned in this course. Like:

  • Overall more sustainable
  • Instead of throwing the shoes out and wasting the resources it will help waste become food (cradle to cradle instead of cradle to grave)
  • eco effective- takes the rubber and recycles them to do something good for someone in need
  • Change in Attitudes
  • Reducing dependency on new resources and it emphasizes recycling of useful resources for the better of good of society
  • Externalization of costs- costs of collecting shoes is minimal, the only costs involved are shipping shoes to NIKE headquarters
  • Long term effects- help the country out socially and economically by improving standards of life while doing it in a sustainable fashion


1.2.1. SWOT Analysis


- recycles shoes

- provides source of athletic facility for underdeveloped regions

- saves cost to produce more rubber- recycle it instead of creating more

- makes people feel like they are giving back- more inclined to become involved

- easy to distribute bins around Barcelona


 - shoe bins all over

- bad odor

- costs of transportation

- if transport is involved, the usage of oil will become a problem



- recycle shoes

- give back- good semaritan

- people will be willing to donate shoes

-help out underdeveloped regions


- people may not be willing to participate

- bad odor from shoes

- poor condition of the shoes

- may not be able to reach the masses

(see free_SWOT_analysis_template.pdf)

1.2.2. Feedback loops

1) Increase people that donate shoes> increase the number of shoes recycled > decrease in raw material consumption >increase in reuse of rubber shoes > decrease waste produced from throwing out shoes

2)  more advertisement> emotional tie> change in attitude by IES students> more donations> less shoes thrown out by students in IES--> no more need for advertisemt     (Reinforcing loop)

3) bins around barcelona> collect shoes from students/ people> less waste by people > giving back to barcelona and other regions of the world> increase moral/ want to continue action   (Balancing loop)


1.2.3. Potential Benefits

One benefit could be the preservation of rubber as a resource. Another benefit is that it will help these regions develop a sports facility which in turn will increase standard of living.

1.2.4. Potential Costs

  • transportation costs of shipping shoes
  • minimal costs for assembling shoe bins

1.3. How

Create flyers

  • A flyer will be hung up all around IES notifying students that if they looking to get rid of their sneakers they can feel free to donate them for a good cause. Also, posters in local athletic stores as well as around the city will help reach the masses.

Distribute boxes for shoes

  • a bin will be available in various locations around IES. This bin will have a top to it to secure the bad odors for infiltrating IES. Also,  I will make sure that the shoes are sprayed down once a week so that they smell as pleasant as possible. In order to reach the masses, I will make sure to contact the local athletic stores and pitch them my idea. In the states many shoe stores have bins that collect shoes for NIKE's REUSE A SHOE.

Keep contact with NIKE and the local shoe stores that have the bins

  • I will make sure that everything is going smoothly and I will make sure to empty the bins once full. I will then contact NIKE and ask them where they will need me to send these shoes. The closest collection shop is in the UK and Germany.


1.3.1. "Cradle to Cradle" design

This action is definitely Cradle to Cradle because it takes the shoes from others and it helps recycle them to help better the society of the underdevloped regions. This design takes the waste from one and turns it into a resource for another. Also, this design fully maximized the resources from these shoes by recycling the rubber to make sports facilities

1.3.2. Questions for the unified survey

Would you be interesting in contributing any time or effort to gathering unwanted goods to a collection  bin for underpriveledged people?  No- 35%, yes 50%

Would you be willing to hand over your old shoes-- no 10%, Yes 75%, "you wouldn't want them" 5%


1.3.3. Analysis of the results in the survey

The results from the survey make it easy to conclude that the majority of the people are willing to contribute there old goods to help underpriviledged people. This shows me that this action has a lot of potential as people are ready to participate!

1.3.4. Incentives

If people donated I would try to get the shoe stores to offer a 5% to 10% coupon towards goods in their stores. This would increase incentive by people to turn over shoes because along with moral satisfaction they will also get some type of reward for their donation

1.3.5. Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

The sustainability club deals with sustainable actions that help preserve resources for as long as possible by finding suitable ways to help preserve these resources. This action will help take the waste from one user and another user can use the shoes as a resource. It's the perfect example of cradle to cradle sustainability. This action ensures  that the resources in the shoes are utilized to the maximum level while it will enhance the social and economic standards of its beholders.

1.3.6. How will this action be sustained when you are not here?

I will make sure that the IES staff will find the appropriate individual who shares the same passion as I do. As the results indicate, it has a lot of potential so before departure I'm hoping this action succeeds so the IES will want to do anything they can do make sure this action continues. I will also make sure that the shoe stores stay in contact with IES to communicate back and forth regarding the bins.

1.3.7. Document format

This is an HTML type document

1.3.8. Copyright license of your report

Attribution CC BY: This license is the most flexible license available and allows for future success. It allows others to build upon your original work, adding what ever they please to format you produced. They are able to redistribute, modify and remix all your information as long as they credit you for your work.  

I would pick this license because i'm human and I do make mistakes. Therefore, all of the help that I can get to make sure this action is carried out in the best possible way will be very beneficial. Until they are physically carried out nobody knows if they are going to be successful; and if not successful things are going to need to be changed for future success. If at the end of this semester my advertisements and incentives  did not draw enough donations from IES students then a better designed system will need to be put into place in the future to enhance the outcome. I also agree that all information posted on this wiki page should be free for any future IES student for this action to be implemented in the future.  Hopefully a student will be able to make this a great action because it has a lot of potential to help a lot of people if executed properly.


1.4. Time-sheet / Chronogram

April 1- Talk to faculty to get the go ahead on placing a "smell free" bin for students to place shoes. I plan on having two bins in IES.

April 3- Go to athletic stores to pitch my idea and try to get the go ahead on this idea.

april 8th- Distribute bins; distribute flyers around IES and city

1.5. References & Links



1.6. Students involved in this action

DREW PERO- worked on this alone


 Assignment 4: Peer review form

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Items found: 17
Grade per actionReviewerComments
0 agluskerI agree with making it available to more than just IES students. Other programs such as CEA or CIEE might be a great target to get involved. The research you did for this action is very impressive and I think it is a very cool idea. The only thing I am worried about is the discount. Is this already established by the Nike in Barcelona?
91 Brian McNevinThis idea is really cool. You should correspond with the clothing drive that is already going on. Kill two birds with one stone.
94 carlafExpanding this to more than just IES students is a great idea. I definitely have shoes I am more than willing to donate. I think this is really easy to accomplish, just by setting up a box for people to drop off shoes is enough. Unfortunately GABBY - Nike should be boycotted they still have sweatshops in third world countries with poor working conditions so I doubt they would be interested in a project like this. But teaming up with a company is definitely a possibility (just not Nike).
91 CFaheyI think this is a great idea because many people will not want or be able to fit their old shoes in their luggage so this idea is great because it recycles the shoes rather than them winding up in the trash. Hopefully IES has the space for the bins and be sure to advertise the action so that many students are aware and participate.
90 gnardiI think this idea is really original; it is the only continued/new action of its kind. I also think it is cool that you would be working with a company such as NIKE. Also, the discount incentive is a really great idea. One thing i think you should look into is hanging up multiple flyers around IES, not just one.
87 Julia NuttI definitely think that you should make this available to the whole city of Barcelona. It might be hard to find students that are willing to give away their shoes given that they probably only brought ones that they usually wear and don't want to give them away. I think that this is a very good idea. Although the idea of putting in athletic facilities in underprivileged countries isn't that urgent to the idea of sustainability, the idea of recycling shoes instead of having them go elsewhere does contribute to making our communities more sustainable! I really like this idea and think that you should really try to advertise this so that people know about it!
87 Kmacdonald4I think this is a very unique idea and really shows the idea of waste=food by taking old shoes to create new products. However, Im not sure its a responsibility anyone will want to take on in coming semesters so it might not last at IES. I agree with abby that you should reach out to other programs to generate more shoes to donate.
89 m.bernsteinThis idea is fascinating. The fact that the rubber from shoes are used to make athletic facilities for under privileged kids is awesome. You should work with the sustainability club (aka me) who is doing the clothing drive because if shoes are collected through this action we could share them and you could get more donation
87 MarthaMayGreat idea! You should team up with the Clothing drive action to work together in order to help make your actions successful and to spread awareness.
89 MbowermanI really like this idea. I had never heard of re-use a shoe and I think it makes a lot of sense. I know that sometimes I've thrown shoes that could definitely be used again by someone else. Especially with study abroad students, walking around a lot we wear out our shoes so it would be great to target the IES students who are probably going to be throwing away some shoes before leaving.
97 obiajuluThis is a great idea. However is it going to be hard to actually put into action especially giving the limited time we have left in barcelona.
92 Sarah ColeGreat idea! I think students will definately particapte in this. The discount incentive is a great idea, although maybe be difficult to implement. I think you should advertise this through flyers, emails, facebook groups, etc.
89 seantubridyInteresting idea! I have 2 pairs of shoes that I will not be taking home with me and I was just going to throw them away. The only problem is the potential cost of transportation: who will cover that?
94 SolomonBPThe SC is doing a shoe drive as part of the end of year collection drive. Why don't you take the lead on the shoe aspect of the drive, as the redistribution of the shoes will be different from the goods and supplies donated. The shoes are going to go to a local charitable organization, that has members in the IES community who are willing to distribute the shoes amongst those in need. So if you could help organize, package and send the shoes out, that would be great and it'd make your action really useful.
89 steph.eastlakeI think this is a really great and original idea. If you can pull this off and find someone else to continue this action next semester it could really turn into something great!
80 vsienkieThis is a great idea but I think you should make it available to more than just IES students. You should get locals involved as well by making posters about it and walking around the city informing people. Also, I think you should create a facebook event to make the information more available to students. Furthermore, you could even have some kind of contest between the spanish classes to get more people involved.
91 vydraThis is an awesome action. This is very unique and different than most other actions I've seen. Like some others have said, I think you should try to join with other programs in Barcelona, and maybe even try to spread the program to IES programs in other cities, in order to improve the sustainability of your action.

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 2
2.17 Reuse a Shoe (Drew Pero) Good Original idea SWOT analysis 2nd feedback loop Improvable 1.2. Empty section. Fill it it (before the start of the swot analysis). See other reports of this semester, if needed, as example. 1.2.2. (1) and (3) and not full loops. 1.2.4. Potential costs: "transportation costs of shipping shoes" to where? I already expressed my concerns about this issue. I expected to find more information about it at this stage, unsuccessfully. Please, provide more information about this issue. (and where are shoes sent? how far? how much does it cost in CO2 equivalent emissions or fossil fuel consumption?...) What about the time needed to manage bins? And how long the bins would be in IES Barcelona (if that's the case)? What about the smell? Some products needed to fight against that smell?... 1.3. "Also, posters in local athletic stores as well as around the city will help reach the masses." That's a lot of time. Who will do that? when? Try it yourself, and count the time you need every 5 shops, for instance. And locate them in a map: it would be very time consuming. Is this feasible? "I will make sure that the shoes are sprayed down once a week so that they smell as pleasant as possible." Add that spray as a cost? (indicate prize per unit, and how many needed for semester). "I will make sure to contact the local athletic stores and pitch them my idea." Which ones have you contacted? Addresses, names and phones of their contacts, if you want to facilitate that some other student continues in further semesters. "I will then contact NIKE and ask them where they will need me to send these shoes. The closest collection shop is in the UK and Germany." So, what's the result of this 1.3.2 & 1.3.3. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.3.4. "If people donated I would try to get the shoe stores to offer a 5% to 10% coupon towards goods in their stores." OK, which shops did you ask it to? What was the result? 1.3.6. "I will make sure that the IES staff will find the appropriate individual who shares the same passion as I do. (...) I will also make sure that the shoe stores stay in contact with IES to communicate back and forth regarding the bins." Who in the staff shares the same passion as you? Did they communicate already with the people at the shop/s? 1.3.8. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.4. Consider the whole design. and Revise it based on 2011a General comments How many people wear nike shoes in IES Abroad Barcelona? How many are willing to donate shoes for such a project?
Unmodified. No change2nd

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