Sustainability Action Plan for IES Abroad Barcelona (related to the final paper)

Session 05

ES/SO352 Sustainability - Session 05

S5: Sustainability Action Plan for IES Abroad Barcelona

Required readings:

  • Summary of the actions proposed by your mates from previous semesters.
    See the link at the homepage


  • Learn what other students from this course did in previous semesters as Sustainable Actions, through reading their reports.
  • Identify potential ideas of actions needed to improve the sustainability of IES Abroad Barcelona activities
  • Learn how to use the course website: create pages, edit content, see history of changes, add markup. See Wiki Syntax Help
  • Understand why we use a wiki-based website to facilitate the collaborative writing of documents for this course.

Required: Each student should use their own computer or any of the ones available at the IES facilities. If you have a laptop with Wifi available, you'd better bring it to this session

Outline of the session

Each student

  • registers at the tiki site http://sustainability.seeds4c.org if not done already
  • learns basic wiki markup
  • learns how to save changes: since last visit new, + wiki history
  • learns how to print the full structure
  • learns how to post at the forum
  • learns how to watch changes on wiki pages and forums
  • create a personal wiki page for your own brainstorming.


  1. Learn the basics and create a personal wiki page through the link in the left column: "My Preferences > Your personal Wiki Page: XXX (Edit)".
    • add the name of the action that you liked the most from previous semesters, and provides full reference to it as if it was a published book.
      • "Action Report Title". Year. Authors. Center. url
  2. Review the final papers from previous semesters (see links from homepage )
  3. Once the group is formed and the action chosen, create one wiki page per group about your chosen action, with the same name as the former action.
    • Create the wiki page at the end of the homepage, as a child page of the one entitled Courses:_:YourSemeter:_Final papers (or wherever was indicated by the professor)

Methodology: Why a Wiki?

Regarding the methodology, why suggesting to use a Wiki?


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