Local Community Networks

Session 13

ES/SO352 Sustainability - Session 13

S13: Local Community Networks

Required readings:

  • Wheeler, David, et al. (2005) Creating Sustainable Local Enterprise Networks. Sloan Management Review, 47(1): 33-40.
  • Additionally:
    • Shuman, Michael (2006) , The Small-Mart Revolution. San-Francisco: Berrett-Koehler (Ch. 2, p.39-62). Login to download the pdf

Keywords and Acronyms

Basic Keywords and acronyms for today:
Local Ownership and Import Sustitution
"There Is No Alternative" (quote form Margaret Thatcher) [...to global free market capitalism]
Sustainable Local Enterprise Networks


  • Identify the differences between LOIS (Local Ownership and Import Sustitution) business and TINA ("There Is No Alternative" [to free market capitalism] - quote form Margaret Thatcher) businesses.
  • Learn what is the economic multiplier effect in LOIS businesses
  • Learn what a SLEN (Sustainable Local Enterprise Network) is, and identify it in a few examples from places in the South and in the North.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis on LOIS businesses (vs TINA businesses) [If time permits]

Video 1: YouTube - The Small-Mart Revolution (27:38')

  • LOIS (& SLEN) vs TINA: Interview to the author of Small-Mart Revolution
    • Peak Moment 44: Michael Shuman, the author of one of readings for today's session, advocates "Going Local," showing how local businesses are beating global competition and helping to create self-reliant communities. One innovative idea: invest locally by moving a portion of pension funds into regional stock exchanges

Video 2 Example of LOIS Business, in Northern countries

  • YouTube - TerraCycle BBC World (3:01')
    • TerraCycle appears on BBC World. terracycle organic fertilizer company.

Extra documentary about Terracycle: More information about Terracycle: http://www.terracycle.com - http://www.youtube.com/user/TerraCycleVideos

Video 3: Example of LOIS Business, in Southern countries

  • YouTube - Full Belly Project: Jatropha Husker (6:52')
    • Full Belly works with Jatropha in Africa. From 2008, in Mali.

Video 4: Other type of Business: Muhamad Yunus, Grameen Bank and (Non-Profit) Social Businesses

  • YouTube - Muhammad Yunus: Building Social Business Ventures (preview) (4:36')
    • Preview of Muhammad Yunus: Building Social Business Ventures - one of 16 DVDs created by Ashoka's Global Academy for Social Entrepreneurship. Dr. Yunus, recently awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, shares his strategies for building businesses dedicated to the social good. He describes the founding and structure of Grameen Bank, Grameen Phone and other companies he has created on behalf of the poor.

Video 5: An SLEN example: Honey giant SME in Uganda

  • YouTube - Sulma Foods Limited ,Uganda (10:54')
    • Sulma Foods Limited of Uganda is among the 'Big Five' East African SMES with quality organically produced bee products which are fairly traded with much community impact. This documentary is being used widely by the SME, ApiTrade Africa and other African honey promoters to ensure that buyers and consumers receive the correct and authentic information about African bee products and the role of the honeybee in addressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty, food insecurity, among others.

Advantages of LOIS Businesses

LOIS Businesses are: (From page 46-48, Shuman'2006)

  1. "Long Term Wealth Generators"
  2. "Fewer Destructive Exits"
  3. "Higher Labor and Environmental Standards"
  4. "Better Chances of Success"
  5. "Higher Economic Multipliers"

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