Permaculture Ethics & Design Principles

Session 16

ES/SO352 Sustainability - Session 16

S16: Permaculture Ethics & Design Principles

Required readings:

  • Holmgren, D. (2007). Essence of Permaculture. 23pp. Ed. Holmgren Design Services. Available online at:
    Image Essence_of_PC_eBook.pdf


1. Goals

  1. Learn the relationship of Permacultureand Sustainability
  2. Learn Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles
  3. Apply Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles to the actions that you have to design for the final paper

2. Permaculture Ethics and Design + Principles

Permaculture Ethics And Design Principles

3. Farm for the Future (49')

BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis, filmed in the UK. Topics covered are the influence of oil on the food production, peak-oil, food security, carbon emissions, sustainability and permaculture.

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