Class on site - Clean Technology and Urban Design

Session 20

ES/SO352 Sustainability - Session 20

S19: Class on site - Clean Technology and Urban Design

In 2016 Fall and 2017 Spring we will visit the FabLab Barcelona, at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
https://fablabbcn.org - https://iaac.net

Fab Lab Barcelona
Institut d´arquitectura avançada de Catalunya
C/Pujades 102 baixos. Poble Nou, Barcelona, 08005, Spain

About Fab Lab Barcelona:
info at fablabbcn.org

We'll go together from IES Abroad Barcelona by metro until station "Bogatell" and from there on foot.

Tel: 93 3209511 (Silvia)
Visit with Enric.


2015 Spring & Fall + 2016 Spring: We used to visit the 'Fàbrica del Sol' but they are temporarily closed in some sections for maintenance work.

In 2016 Spring we did visit the FabLab (Fabrication Workshop) at Fabrica del Sol. http://ateneusdefabricacio.barcelona.cat/directori/ateneu-de-fabricacio-fabrica-del-sol/

Required readings:



  • Learn why a decentralized electrical smart grid is more sustainable than a traditional centralized electrical grid
  • Learn real-world examples of implemented sustainable designs
  • Learn that these sustainable designs can use old technology implemented the right way (thing invented already in the past, and available in most cases are cheap prices), and not always brand new technology is needed to solve current problems of our society.

Video FabLab BCN

8' - "Visite de MakerTour @Fablab Barcelona IAAC"

Green FabLab Valldauralabs

5' - "Visite de MakerTour @GreenFablab Valldaura Barcelona"

Example project1: Waterzilla 1.0

8' - "Waterzilla 1.0 / Visit to the Valldaura Green FabLab in Barcelona "

Example project2: Aquapioneers

2' - "Fab Academy'16: Guillaume Teyssié Final Project presentation @ Green Fab Lab @ Barcelona"

Related: Wiki house (slides)

Image 2016 WikiHouse Partners V1.7.1

Wiki house example (video)

WikiHouse example in NZ - https://vimeo.com/142356938

Class on site - Visit to "La Fàbrica del Sol" ("The Sun Factory") - Discontinued during 2015+


Alternative in 2015: Museum of Design - Barcelona


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