Sustainability Pamphlets

1. What?

This action consists of a couple pages in the Student Agenda showing all the available tools in Barcelona to live a sustainable lifestyle. It will show the places to recycle around the city, how to conserve water and energy in homestays, apartments, and dorms, places that offer fair trade items, etc. It talks about steps that Barcelona is taking to become a more sustainable city, as well as local businesses that have been moving towards sustainability. It's a very simple concept, but it has the ability to get IES students involved in sustainability in Barcelona.

2. Why?

Sustainability information for IES students would be a great way to spread awareness and knowledge of ways to be sustainable in Barcelona. It seems that it is much easier to live a sustainable lifestyle in Barcelona as opposed to many cities in the US. The first step to moving towards sustainability is spreading knowledge and awareness. If students knew about all the ways they could help out and how simple and convenient it all is, they would definitely get more involved.

2.1. Potential Benefits

The only way to truly make strides towards a more sustainable world is to spread knowledge regarding the topic. People need to know why sustainability is such an important topic, as well as what they can personally do to help out.

2.1.1. Sustainability in Barcelona

Even though IES students represent a very small group in a huge city they still have the ability to make an impact. Sustainable actions can work as a multiplier effect. When people observe others taking action, it acts as an inspiration or a good example. If more people are living sustainable lifestyles, more people will see this and possibly choose to live in a similar manner.

2.1.2. Carryover to Home Country

Although it may be easier to live sustainably in Barcelona than in many American cities, most cities have similar opportunities to be environmentally conscious. Barcelona is a good place to begin living a more sustainable lifestyle since it is so convenient, but when the students return home many may choose to continue recycling or conserving water and electricity more. IES Barcelona could act as a first step to changing a student’s lifestyle, both abroad and at home, therefore increasing sustainability awareness internationally.

2.2. Potential Costs

This would be a very low cost initiative. IES would simply need to print one more page, front and back, in the student agenda. There are already blank pages at the end of the agenda that aren’t being used, so it wouldn’t even require more paper. The costs of this initiative would be a matter of cents during the printing of the agendas.

3. How?

The information will be printed in the Student Agenda. It will be one page consisting of advice and tips on how to be sustainable in Barcelona, followed by a page of instructions on how to use the recycling dumpsters (Stephen Frey's action). This page will also mention Ryan Waingortin's action of recycling school supplies. The page is currently in Word document form. This will allow IES to add some information if they choose. The relationships between these projects will help promote the overall sustainability of IES.

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Students Involved with this Action

Stephen Dothage (leader)
Ryan Waingortin
Stephen Frey

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4454444mtrejoPretty good idea, even if there's a lot of projects suggesting this similar idea, but hey what better way to convince someone of something than constant advertisement!

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