Sustainable Travel Guide - Maximize Time and Money

1. Action name

Sustainable Travel Guide: Maximize Time and Money

1.1. What

My action is a blog about traveling suggestions for new students traveling through Europe. I am compiling as much information about student's travels as I can into one place. I have blogged about 10 cities in Europe already at the site http://sustainabletravelguidebcn.blogspot.com/ as well as http://wikitravel.org/shared/Sustainable_Euro_Travel_Guide_for_Study_Abroad_Students and the Sustainability Club website. There is also places to comment and message me other interesting travel ideas.

1.2. Why this action makes things more sustainable?

A very important thing to sustain is intellectual property. Each year students in IES Barcelona and other various cities have knowledge about where to travel in Europe and the best and worst parts of these places. I am combining this knowledge into one place to make the information more sustainable. Instead of printing travel itineraries, we will reduce waste by putting this in one place-- the internet. So this will reduce dependency on paper, it will also reduce dependency on using the time to create their own itinerary. It will also only continue to get bigger and bigger with more information from students contributing to the blog. This will help students become more resilient. Rather than making bad traveling mistakes they can follow the suggestions of this blog. They will also be able to bounce back from mistakes by using the tips and advice that this blog will give.

This is also a free application, so it goes along with the FLOSS idea. People using it can make copies, see the source codes, modify it, and redistribute it. This will spread the flow of information throughout the semesters and you will be able to adapt it to future generations as the times change. This is a sustainable way to spread information through IES students and possibly beyond.

This is such a sustainable way to compile information because the web is free and reaches so many. The internet is so much more sustainable than a piece of paper, so this is the perfect venue for a blog that has so much information that thousands of students need each semester.

1.2.1. SWOT Analysis


free information
students need this information every semester
students gain new knowledge to add to this blog almost every weekend so there is limitless information

people may not be able to find it
people may not feel the need or desire to update new information to this site

IES doesn't provide general information about traveling throughout Europe like they do for the place you're studying in
almost every student will benefit from this information when studying abroad

other blogs that could share this information
students could have friends or relatives giving them suggestions so they won't look or contribute to this blog

(see free_SWOT_analysis_template.pdf)

1.2.2. Feedback loops

A possible loop would be if a student looked at the blog, took its advice, liked where they stayed, and posted more information or positive comments on the blog so more people followed it and told others about it and it went full circle. These are all positive links so its a reinforcing loop. This will lead to more and more posts and information on the blog and more students looking at the blog.

1.2.3. Potential Benefits

The benefits that can come out of this are numerous. There can be a reduction of waste made by travel itineraries. There will be a ton of information for students in one place, so they will not waste time looking up things to do. This time can be freed up for a number of things that could be better for the sustainability club, school, etc. Since this website will be posted on the Sustainability Club website, it has a strong potential to draw in new members. Most students want to travel, and putting this website on the sustainability website could get them more interested in the club. This will also be a forum for people to make their contributions from Barcelona and feel like they helped future students. They can also direct their friends to look at this blog. It is just such a useful compilation of information that is sustainable for a long period of time.

1.2.4. Potential Costs

This doesn't cost any money, it only costs time from people. It needs to be updated by new travel experiences. However, it's clear that every year students want to write about where they've been, what they've seen, and the places that they loved. Therefore, it shouldn't be hard to get time of students to write on this blog. The risk is that people won't post in this blog because there are other forums that have similar suggestions. This is why I am making it especially IES and Sustainability club based so that students from these programs will have a more special bond with this blog than others.

1.3. How

I completed this project by collecting information from my friends and their friends and adding in my own tips and information. I will not be blogging about Barcelona so I do not overlapp with any other students. I used three forms of media: the site blogger by google, wikitravel, and the Sustainability club website. The latter two are FLOSS websites where people can add to my blog making it more sustainable.

This is the site for wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/shared/Sustainable_Euro_Travel_Guide_for_Study_Abroad_Students

1.3.1. "Cradle to Cradle" design

This is a "Cradle to Cradle" design. The students that leave each semester have so much knowledge of all different places that they waste when they do not share it. Then students come in and would use and benefit from this knowledge. I am taking the waste and putting it into a forum to become food for the new students.

1.3.2. Questions for the unified survey

Would a blog about advice for traveling around Europe, including where to stay, what to do and tips, be helpful to you as a new student at IES?

Would you follow this information if you were an incoming IES student?

1.3.3. Analysis of the results in the survey

For my survey question, I received a 70% positive response. If 70% of the IES students would benefit from this blog I think that it is a great opportunity to make this action succeed. I think that if they did benefit from the blog, they would also use it as a forum to post their tips and advice. There is also a question that asks if the students would use a blog that had good places to eat and shop. 95% said yes. This is related to mine because I will be discussing where you can eat and shop out of Barcelona, which is not covered. I also spoke to my friends in IES and got a hundred percent positive response with my blog idea out of the 20 people that I asked.

1.3.4. Incentives

The incentives that are there for my action have to do with the benefits that students will get from this information. It will save them an amazing amount of time and money that would be made on uneducated decisions and research.

1.3.5. Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)

I posted this blog on the Sustainability website. This will be an easy access forum for many students in IES. It will also bring awareness to more students that do not know about Sustainability. It will show them that sustainability is more than just composting and solar panels, it can be about sharing knowledge and free software. This will be the door opener for more students to share knowledge in a more sustainable way, as well as look at the other blogs and posts about sustainable living.

1.3.6. How will this action be sustained when you are not here?

I made this blog an open forum on wiki travel so study abroad students everywhere can use this information and people can add to it and delete things as they please. This will continue to get updated by the students when they experience their Euro Travels.

1.3.7. Document format

I chose a document that employs the FLOSS tools, which is wiki travel. Students will be able to apply the four incentives for floss when using this blog. It will be a tool for the spread of knowledge and information.

Which copyright license do you choose for your report and why? See Session 19

The copyright license of this report would be Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

1.4. Time-sheet / Chronogram

March 20th: Started blog and put it on blogspot: http://sustainabletravelguidebcn.blogspot.com/

April 26th: Put blog become an open forum for people to post and edit on wikitravel

April 28th: Finished the information on the travel blog and post it on the Sustainability Website for the new IES students

Code Breakers at BBCWorld.com

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 Assignment 4: Peer review form

You do not have permission to insert an item

Items found: 14
Grade per actionReviewerComments
92 agluskerI love the idea of sustainable knowledge. A lot of IES students take various different trips all around Europe. It would be great to have a bank of information available to all students that could be re-used with each semester. In my opinion other students are the best sources when trying to find the best affordable places in each city when traveling.
95 Brian McNevinThis idea is awesome! I really like that this action is about intellectual property more than physical items like myself and most others are using. Also, I really think that a lot of people would use this blog if not as an itinerary, than at least something to see what the hot spots are to hit. Personally, I don't think I would change anything about this action, I think it's perfect.
91 gnardiThis is a great idea and something every student in IES can utilize. Also, i like how it is more sustainable because it is online as opposed to actually travel books. It is also cool that people can write on the blog and share their experiences.
96 jschayeGood idea, I am sure I would look at this before I came to Barcelona or while I was here. Make sure you make it something really different then just another blog because people have so many of these.
80 Julia NuttI think that this is a very good idea. I know I would have definitely used something like this had I known it was available to me. It is definitely a more sustainable way of learning cheap and easy way of traveling rather than looking through a book. I really like this idea.
89 Kmacdonald4I like this idea because it looks at sustainability not just from being environmental sustainable like a lot of the actions did, but in terms of sustaining information. Also, I personally felt there were so many options when deciding where to travel that having a blog with information about so many cities all in one spot would be helpful in the decision making process
84 m.bernsteinThis blog would of been so helpful had i had it. I think its a great idea. The only thing i recommend is to make the blog a take more organized by like bolding and underlining titles and topics or even adding a little more space between each line. It would make the blog easier to read and look at if needed for a quick glance. Good job i would definitely use it.
93 MarthaMayGreat action! My only suggestion is that you advertise more to ensure students know about this travel blog. Could you have a link on the IES moodle webpage? Not sure if IES would approve, just an idea.... It is very formative and formatted well!
92 MbowermanThis is such a great idea! I think it will be really fun for you to look back on and it will be helpful for students who are wondering where to go in certain cities.
92 obiajuluthis is a really good idea and useful I would totally use this maybe you should put up flyers or send out emails to IES students to let them know about your website.
94 seantubridyVery impressive blog! This is an excellent place to get a student's perspective about traveling to other cities in Spain. I like it because as others travel, they have the potential of adding their experiences to yours. In a few years, this could become a very complete and useful travel guide
96 SolomonBPDamn, that blog is really impressive, good work. You clearly put a lot of time into preparing all the information, and from the looks of things you definitely seem to know whats up in a lot of awesome European locations. I think this will be great both on the IES BCN Website, and on the Sustainability Club website. Let's be sure to create a link to your page on our website. Letting other students edit and add to the blog as time goes on will be a great way to ensure the constant improvement, and progress of the recommendation blog as things change in each city over time. This is an awesome thing for IES to have today, and will be even more valuable years down the road. Great long-term effects of your action.
96 vsienkieI love your blog idea and I would definatly take your advice while traveling in order to be more sustainable when I explore the globe. For advertisement maybe you could post your blog on the IES and/or sustainability website to get more people involved in your blog.
94 vydraThis is a really cool action plan. You have done a lot of work already to complete this action. Like others have said, the idea of sustainable knowledge is very intriguing. This travel guide can last for a long, long time because it's online.

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 1
2.4 Sustainable Travel Guide: Maximize Time and Money (Stephane Eastlake) Good The overall idea (even if the implementation needs improvements in order to survive and grow sustainably; read below) 1.2.2. Well identified the reinforcing loop. 1.3.1. Stated the "Cradle to Cradle" design of your action. 1.3.6. "I will make this blog an open forum like a wiki page so that people can add to it and delete things as they please. This will continue to get updated by the students when they experience their Euro Travels. " Ok, congratulations, good idea, go ahead! 1.3.8. CC license chosen. Improvable Presentation, text in grey, etc: Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.2. "Rather than making bad travelling mistakes they can follow the suggestions of this blog." Well, dod you ask any set of students to assess their impression of your blog? Because as far as I am concerned, If I don't know the person who is blogging, and there are not lots for more details on each place and why are they recommended, I usually prefer getting the information from a good travel guide in paper from a public library (or from wikipedia or wikitravel itself). If you leave the information in yet another small, partial and incomplete blog, this will be another "information-waste" in a few months somewhere else in internet (6 posts on March 22, 2011, but nothing else later one, neither from you nor from anyone else? Why not some group solution, which I offered to teach you all (about how to set it up easily with FLOSS tools) several times in class?. Or even better, why not making your information to be more food to feed the corresponding entries in Wikipedia or Wikitravel ( http://wikitravel.org )? blogspot is not based on FLOSS. Wordpress instead (for instance), is). Or the Tiki, the software we use for our course and the "Sustainability Club" website, and it allows to set up private and/or group blogs, etc. And/or a collection of new wiki pages about cities, etc. so that you have full control on what to add and how (you don't have that control on wikitravel or others, since others might be editing your content to be more generic, and less specific to IES Abroad Barcelona students) And why not opening this to any student from IES Abroad centers? This is possible with the Tiki software we use, with or without requiring other students to register to the "IES Abroad wikitravel guide". Talk to me about it if you want to create it (I'll help you with the technical part). Ask me how, and move your idea/information to somewhere else which can be sustained and improved more in the future. Or even better, describe which fields should have a web database about travelling places, etc., and we might create it later easily, in a way that allows easy access to future updates by others, etc. "They will also be able to bounce back from mistakes by using the tips and advice that this blog will give. " Please, provide an example in which the information you provided in the blog might help a student to "bounce back from mistakes", etc. "This is also a free application, so it goes along with the FLOSS idea...". You got it wrong. Please, re-read your class notes and the reading about the free/libre open source software (it's about "freedom", which blogspot doesn't fully provide with its service: you don't have access to the source code of the program in order to adapt it in the future to our own needs, etc). "and you will be able to adapt it to future generations as the times change". Who has the username and password to access this content? There are way too many of those things created by students, and then, when they depart, no one else has the password to access and edit that content.... Design some clear and explicit way in which you expect to transfer yuor account to somebody "in time", at least. 1.2.1. SWOT: Opportunities (& 1.3.4 Incentives): use the ecoeuro system of incentives: a certain amount of ecoeuros for each blog post, or amount of information added/edited in the "IES Abroad wikitravel" guide? 1.2.3. "Since this website will be posted on the Sustainability Club website, it has a strong potential to draw in new members." Well, yes, do so! But you did somewhere else... Move it to the Sc website asap. Talk to me about it asap. "This will also be a forum for people to make their contributions from Barcelona and feel like they helped future students" YEs, we can also create this forum! Talk to me asap. 1.3. How: "I am using the site blogger by google because it is the most efficient way to set up this blog. " The most efficient? This is not properly justified. Maybe because that's the only one you know? Why not Wordpress (FLOSS)? Or in the SC directly (even more efficiently, because you avoid needing to post twice and leaving information waste somewhere on thee internet: will you clean it afterwards?; I offered you all to create blogs there weeks ago). "Then I am posting this website on the Sustainability Club website, as well as the IES website if possible. " FOr SC ok, go ahead. For IES website, did you identify which are the required steps to allow you to do so? 1.3.3. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.3.7. Your document (report) is html. 1.3.8. Copyright license Provide the full link to the page with more information about that copyright license. Indicate also the Copyright license of the software used: indicate which license has the software required to implement this action. 1.4. Timesheet: "May 6th: Have all the information on the travel blog and post it on the Sustainability Website for the new IES students " adapt it to have as much students as possible to know your initiative before they depart, so that they have the opportunity to share their knowledge before they depart. So the page at the SC website should be there much before the departure, so that it could be announced (at least) at the farewell party (April 27th or so), maybe? and people have some days, if they want, to feed that page/s with information for further students. The farewell party is an excellent OPPORTUNITY to spread the word about your action! (add it to your SWOT: "O"), with minimum material waste generated, etc. Anyway, I reckon that some paper flyer hanging on IES Abroad Barcelona Walls telling other students about your blog/forum/wiki pages would be VERY appropriated if done asap! 1.5. Revise it based on 2011a General comments 1.6. Revise it based on 2011a General comments Update after the second deadline: "I have blogged about 10 cities in Europe already at the site http://sustainabletravelguidebcn.blogspot.com/ as well as http://wikitravel.org/shared/Sustainable_Euro_Travel_Guide_for_Study_Abroad_Students and the Sustainability Club website" On May 1st, 2011, there was no post from you at that wikitravel page, nor at the Sustainability Club Website. Ok, it seems that your content was deleted because you copied literally from a blog: 03:13, 30 April 2011 Dguillaime (Talk | contribs) deleted "Sustainable Euro Travel Guide for Study Abroad Students" ‎ (copyvio from a blog, not an article) From http://wikitravel.org/wiki/shared/index.php?title=Sustainable_Euro_Travel_Guide_for_Study_Abroad_Students&action=edit You could have created that wiki page at the sustainability club website, instead of just an article post, which can't be edited by regular users of the website. http://club.iesbarcelona.org/article4-Sustainable-Travel-Guide-Maximize-Time-and-Money A pity you didn't request help to improve it. We'll see if someone use this information in the future, or even if they would like to extend it... Timesheet: it was supposed to be some recipe-like for future students, adn not a diary about what you did and when.

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