Water Bottles

Providing IES Students with Water Bottles that they can use daily

1.1 What:
I wanted to do my continued action on something that I know IES students would find useful even if they didn't care about being sustainable. By providing IES students with water bottles it would save them money because they would not have to buy bottled water on a daily basis. I know that IES students would use these water bottles which would make us a more sustainable school without the students having to change their daily lives.

1.2 Why this action makes things more sustainable?
This action is making IES more sustainable because students are not going out and buying plastic water bottles on a daily basis and wasting all of that plastic.

Change in Attitudes: IES students will be encouraged to use their water bottle and drink water and not be tempted to buy other kinds of drinks given that they already have a water bottle that they can fill up. Sometimes in situations where you already have to pay for water students can be tempted to buy other types of drinks. This will encourage students to just fill up their water bottle.

Reducing dependency on: By providing IES students with water bottles it will reduce their dependency on having to buy plastic water bottles and going through so many of them because they will have one that they use daily and will never have to buy one.

Ecological/Water footprints: This will help decrease the ecological footprint of IES students because they will be going through fewer plastic water bottles.

Externalization of costs: After meeting with the person about water bottles we concluded what the prices to purchase them would be without the logo. All in all it seems expensive, but it will save the students a lot of money on water which is very appealing and will encourage them to use the water bottles. If we purchase less than 500 water bottles it would be 3,020 euros, if we purchase more than 500 water bottles without a logo it would be 2,360 euros. Finally, if we purchase more than 2000 water bottles with no logo it would be 2,790 euros. It makes the most since to me to purchase more than 2000 and just distribute them every semester until you have to order more. All students should be provided with one for free and if they lose it or want another then they will have to pay for it.

Long term effects: This will effect our environment positively in the long run. Not only will it decrease the ecological footprint, but students will get in the habit of using a water bottle and will encourage them to use them after their time at IES.

1.2.1SWOT Analysis

-not as much plastic will be used
-students will save money
-ecological footprint of students will decrease


-encourage students to drink from durable water bottles instead of buying them daily and wasting plastic
-students will become in the habit of using reusable water bottles now and for the future

-students may not want to use the IES water fountains and would rather buy their own water bottles
-IES faculty may not agree that this would be a good investment
-IES faculty might make students pay for them on their own if they decide to order the water bottles
-Students may not want to drink the tap water from IES Barcelona and thus, would not use the water bottles

1.2.2Feedback loops__
Reinforcing: If students get in the habit of using a water bottle daily and filling it up with a water fountain then they are likely to continue this habit and reinforce the idea of using a durable water bottle as opposed to buying drinks daily.

Balancing: If we do everything properly and advertise as much as we can, then students will take care of their water bottles and be able to turn them in at the end of the semester so that as many new water bottles will not be needed and so less waste.

1.2.3Potential Benefits __
The benefit for providing IES students with water bottles is that they will not go through dozens and dozens of plastic water bottles, thus, reducing their ecological footprints.

1.2.4Potential Costs
As mentioned before, the idea of water bottles and providing them for IES students is expensive but over time, it will pay for itself. Students will save so much money if provided with water bottles and will decrease their ecological footprints. If IES purchases less than 500 water bottles, it will be 3,020 euros. If IES purchases more than 500 water bottles, it will be 2,860 euros. Finally, if IES purchases more than 2000 water bottles then it will be 2,790 euros. We would also have to consider how much time and money would go into advertising the water bottles. Money for signs, who would take the time to post posters and send emails, etc.

Students in the past have tried to make it so that IES are provided with water bottles while abroad. I think that over the next couple of weeks we need to write up a proposal why we think it is important for students to be provided with water bottles and what the benefits would be. Although it does not seem realistic that they will be provided to us given that we only have several weeks left, we can work hard to make sure that they are ordered so that the water bottles will be here when the next group of students arrives.

1.3.1"Cradle to Cradle" design
The waste of this action will be the boxes that they the water bottles come in and if they come wrapped in plastic. We can either recycle the cardboard and plastic, or we can rip apart the cardboard boxes and use cardboard to make signs advertising for the water bottles and why it is important to use them and their benefits.

1.3.2Questions for the unified survey
Questions to be added to the survey after students are given and have used the water bottles for a while are:
-How often do you use your water bottle?
-How much money do you think you save per week no having to buy plastic water bottles?
-Do you drink more water now that you are provided with a durable water bottle?

1.3.3Analysis of the results in the survey
Students would use water bottles if provided by IES.

The mere fact that students can save money because they will not have to spend money on plastic water bottles is enough of an incentive. I don't think any student will choose not to use their water bottle. This will also encourage students to drink more water given that there are water machines in IES.

1.3.5Relationship with the "Sustainability Club" (SC)
We can order some water bottles without the logo on them and members of the Sustainability Club can try and sell them to the public which not only will benefit IES by making money, but it will also benefit the community because more people will be using water bottles and also won't be purchasing plastic water bottles daily.

1.3.6How will this action be sustained when you are not here?
-If we cannot order the water bottles by the time the semester ends, then we need to have a written of plan for the next group of members to look at so that they can follow this instructions and order the water bottles immediately and easily.

1.3.7Document format

1.3.8Copyright license of your report
I would choose license CC-BY. The reason I chose this is because I would want to publish my ideas and would want to allow people to give me their opinions as well after reading what my ideas are. I think that it would benefit us to have many different ideas and put them together. Allowing for the action to evolve causes it to be sustainable.

1.4Time-sheet / Chronogram
Beginning of April: Persuade IES faculty why this would be a good investment
By the time we leave to go home: Order the water bottles so that the new group of IES students will be provided with them when they arrive.

1.5References & Links

1.6Students involved in this action
There were several students involved in this action. Soloman (leader),Mary Bowerman and I met to find out what the prices would be to order the water bottles. Now we need to try to implement it by persuading to the IES faculty why this would be a good investment. I met with the group and we contacted the administration to see what had been done in the past about getting water bottles for students and why this action had not been successful in the past. We were given prices and some numbers.

For my continued action, I would like to help continue to make IES Barcelona more eco-friendly by helping to make the idea of giving students reusable water bottles at the beginning of their abroad experience possible. Student's waste way too many water bottles as well as the money that they spend on them when they could instead be using a reusable water bottle that they can use to fill up with the water fountains in the IES buildings.

Note from the professor (April 27th, 2011)): Solomon was not co-author of this report, but just helped with the design, and the actual action.

Survey Question: Would it be a good investment for IES to provide all students with a reusable water bottle at the beginning of the semester?

 Assignment 4: Peer review form

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Items found: 17
Grade per actionReviewerComments
92 agluskerIt is great that IES is on board with this action. I think the only problem with your entire action is that you cannot guarentee that students will use these water bottles. Because water is the only drink allowed inside the building maybe you could designate a place where students are able to store their water bottles so that when the come to the IES building for class they can use these water bottles to fill up instead of spending money on large water bottles that harm the environment.
86 Brian McNevinI think that IES would be smart to invest in buying water bottles to provide to students upon their arrival to Barcelona. Not only will it improve the sustainability of IES and lower it's ecological footprint, but in the long run it will be much more economical for the students. I buy probably 3-4 bottles of water a week, which over the course of a semester can get to be a little high. Having a reusable water bottle would eliminate that expense.
90 carlafI like the approach towards this action more than anything. Brainstorming actions students would participate in for other reasons besides it improving the sustainability of IES is realistic. Unfortunately, students need other motives for getting involved. For one, this would save people a lot of money considering how many plastic water bottles I see floating around IES. I'm sure many would invest in a reusable water bottle especially if we started looking down on wasteful plastic bottle users which would happen if the majority of the students were carrying IES water bottles.
92 CFaheyI like this action a lot because I would take advantage of this action if it were available to me. I go through multiple water bottles a weak and it would be much more economical and sustainable to purchase a reusable bottle. A large weakness is the cost of the water bottle so a possiblle solution is to have students pay for some or the entire thing. This may not be enough of an incentive but I think students would still participate especially if students understood the negative impact on the environment caused by plastic.
93 Drew.peroThis is definitely a great idea as well as an easy one to implement. A lot of students drink water through out the day so it would be smart to pursue this action
87 gnardiI think this is a really important action because I have heard many students say that they would have liked if IES had given out reusable water bottles along with the canvas bags at the beginning of the semester. I think that this action really makes an immediate difference towards being sustainable, both within and outside the IES community. Also, there are water fountains in the IES building, so there is really no reason to not have water bottles. Also, if the water bottles had an IES logo on them, if students brought their water bottles back to the united states, this would be a great way to advertise IES as a program.
93 jschayeI think this is an important action to do. Maybe you could put in the students mailboxes advertising how bad plastic water bottles are for the environment to encourage them to stop using plastic and switch to reusable. My only concern would be the price IES pays for these water bottles and not making any back. Do you think IES would be willing to sell them? I know I would buy one from IES if I didn't bring mine from home. just a thought!
79 Kmacdonald4I think the best part about this idea is that students dont have to necessarily participate because they feel strongly about sustainability but there is also a cost incentive. Water bottle prices can add up and as students abroad we are constantly looking for ways to save money so I think this would ensure a lot of participation.
90 m.bernsteinthis action would be an amazing idea. I see students every day walking around IES with plastic water bottles that they bought. Also, I have tried to look for a cheap plastic water bottle to buy around barcelona and have had some trouble with it. You could add into your feed back loops about saving students time and money. Great work, this action is very much needed with in our program.
87 MarthaMayOoops, I must have forgotten to put a rating in one of the boxes! Here is the grade I meant to give! Sorry! Great action! I personally would love if I had the opportunity to get a reusable water bottle. If IES can't afford to buy them, they should sell them during orientation. I would have been more than willing to buy one if they weren't too pricey.
86 obiajuluThis is a great idea this is the one thing that i wish IES gave me a reusable water bottle, I've actually been looking for a place where I can buy one so this is perfect.
96 Sarah ColeI think this would be a great incentive for students to use plastic water bottles instead of purchasing plastic ones on a daily basis which I do myself. The only downside of this action is the cost to purchase hundreds and hundreds of water bottles each semester, but in the long run we would be contributing to the sustainability of barcelona by reducing our dependence on plasti bottles.
88 seantubridyI think IES would be smart to buy these water bottles for the students to purchase for 2 euros each. My question is would every student have to pay 2 euros to get a bottle, or is it optional? Also if Sustainability club sells the water bottles to the community, where would the profits go?
90 SolomonBPThe SC is getting water bottles for everyone, but there is definitely help we could use within the process. I like your idea of selling them from the website, I think that would be a good thing to suggest to Administration, which I can do for you if you'd like. I think student having water bottles with the IES logo is a good incentive for Administration to fun the purchase, and then them being able to sell them online would help increase benefit the water bottles bring to the IES community.
89 steph.eastlakeI think this is a great action for IES abroad. I really think that if it is implemented the students will benefit from having water bottles. The only improvement that can be made is finding a way to get IES to pay for these water bottles. a suggestion for this is to add the extra 2 euros or so to the tuition bill when the students pay for the school. Another is they can hold some kind of fund raiser. Overall, this is a good action for sustainability at IES.
71 vsienkieI think plastic water bottles would be very useful but it would be hard to convince IES to pay for them. Maybe there could be a student bake sale to make money for some of the water bottles? Also, maybe if you surveyed all of the students whether they would use a water bottle or not it would persuade the IES administrators to spend the money on water bottles.
87 vydraThis is a great idea. I see the majority of students at IES with bottled water during classes. If we were given a reusable water bottle, so many would students would use it and it would make IES way more sustainable. The only question I had is about the pricing for the water bottles you listed. How is purchasing 2000 water bottles cheaper in total than purchasing 500 water bottles? Is it cheaper per 500 water bottles? Other than that, great idea!

 Grades for this action report (From the PROFESSOR)

Items found: 2
1.9 Water Bottles (Julia Nutt) Good Continuing this important action for every day use from hundreds of students every semester. Good idea to consider the cardboard and plastic from the bottles as "technical nutrient" for your own action! Do some proof of concept and take a picture when possible! Improvable numbered headings: why not? (the template was) "Why": "Resilience: Although plastic can be recycled, it is a lot more sustainable for IES students to just reuse a water bottle then going through a plastic water bottle each day. ". Justify better the linking with resilience: rewrite. (read notes again about resilience if needed) "Externalization of costs: After meeting with the person about water bottles ..." Who is that person? cite him/her properly, and provide full details in the references section. "It makes the mot since to me to purchase more than 2000 and just distribute them every semester until you have to order more. All students should be provided with one for free and if they lose it or want another then they will have to pay for it. " Ok to you, but what do IES Abroad Barcelona Administration think about those prices? (that's the important opinion to include here (besides yours, of course, if you want), if they are going to pay the bill) swot: W: expensive for whom? Identify clearly, so that you can look for ways to reduce that weakness (sponsors? co-funding from students?...) T: What have you done to reduce those threats?: Quote:-students may not want to use the IES water fountains and would rather buy their own water bottles -IES faculty may not agree that this would be a good investment -IES faculty might make students pay for them on their own if they decide to order the water bottles Also, there is like a urban myth that water from the tap in Barcelona is not drinkable nor healthy. And this is not true. In fact, it's safer than bottled water most of the time. Read the report from students from previous semesters, at least! (and cite them properly in the references section) "Balancing [loop]: By replacing the abundant amount of water bottles that students go through with one durable water bottle, this will replace a current action with a more sustainable one. ". This is not a clear balancing loop. You can argue on the idea that at the end, buying lots of bottles at the beginning, and doing well all the advertising and raising awareness related, would mean that at the end, less new bottles need to be bought, and finally, no new bottle is needed because all bottles are re-used every semester, etc. (all RA's and staff are aware of collecting them at the end of the semester, if students don't bring them themselves to IES. Explain better and with your own words. Potential costs: yes, but what about advertising time, and time (and people) for managing the inventory of bottles, etc., collecting them, etc.? "we can work hard to make sure that they are ordered so that the water bottles will be here when the next group of students arrives. " Yes, please, do so. Go ahead once you are sure that you got the best design possible for your action! Incentives: make use of the ecoeuro system (a good opportunity to have extra incentives!) SC: "and members of the Sustainability Club can try and sell them to the public " see 2011a General Comments about the SC and YOU (as a student). "If not, we can give the new students all of our information and contact information on the sustainability website. ". Please, do so, so that you reduce risks of failure of your action. In addition, who is taking the lead to buy the bottles? When were they ordered? (have they already been ordered?...) Document format: empty section. Please, fill it in. CC by-nc-nd: "I would be happy to share my ideas with other people, but I don't think that anyone would need to add or tweak anything to the water bottle project given that it does not involve anyone else." Wrong assumption. If some students want to improve your project and report, they would appreciate that you allow them to extend/improve your text and documents... Please, reconsider this license and consider removing the ND part. Otherwise, you don't allow your document to evolve, and thus, it's not sustainable (remember that evolution in time is one of the needed properties of a sustainable system, to adapt to a changing environment over time). "By the time we leave to go home: Order the water bottles so that the new group of IES students will be provided with them when they arrive. " This is too late. High risks that your action design will vanish with no product. Get them to order some bottles while you are here (or redesign your action), so that you know that at least, some success has been achieved by your action. References and links: empty??? Students involved: "Solomon (leader)"? Why have you been writing the whole report, then? Clarify, Julia, your role in the action design and report, please. Use the information from the similar actions in previous semesters.
"CC-BY": read comments in 2011a General Comments. This is not the best option of copyright license for this type of work. Feedback loops: you didn't understand them. Re-read the class notes about them. "We would also have to consider how much time and money would go into advertising the water bottles. Money for signs, who would take the time to post posters and send emails, etc. " Some estimate was expected. Many issues remain intact in the report since the before first deadline. 2nd

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