WWOOF in a Local Community Social and Organic Farming

discoverIES - Social Organic Farming

ES/SO352 Sustainability - discoverIES - Social Organic Farming

discoverIES - WWOOF in a Local Community of Social and Organic Farming

WWOOF = "World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms".

Required readings: none


1. Details


  • 7:15 8:15h AM in front of the entrance door to IES Abroad Barcelona.
  • 7:30 8:30h AM in 'Passeig de Gracia' Railway Station (RENFE - Spanish Railway system, NOT the Metro)

This activity is part of the Sustainability: Challenges and Responses class and will be guided by the teacher. Train tickets from and to Barcelona and lunch is included. Students are expected to actively take part of the tasks assigned to learn more on how the Project “Social Organic Farming” works.

Also, wear comfortable and warm clothes/shoes, a raincoat and hiking shoes are recommended.

ITINERARY in 2016 Fall

  • 7:15 8:15AM Meet the group in front of the entrance door to IES Abroad Barcelona.
  • 7:30 8:30AM Arrive at 'Passeig de Gracia' Railway Station (RENFE),
  • 8:05 9:05AM Board the train and depart for Llinars del Vallès
  • 8:49 9:49AM Arrive in Llinars del Vallès and walk to the farm / or shuttle by van to the farm.
  • 1:30PM Lunch break
  • 4:15PM Depart back to the train station to return Barcelona
  • 5:17PM Board the train.
  • 6:00PM Estimated arrival back in Barcelona.

More information (in Catalan):

2. Video from past semesters in another Farm

Related to this similar WWOOF activity in 2011 in Campdelasort, Bonastre, Baix Penedès (Catalonia, Spain).

More information from this past event:

3. Video in Catalan fom the farm we are visiting

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